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State of Oregon Profile
Release Date: 10/07/2005
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Oregon is lofty snow-covered mountains and white, sandy beaches. It is fertile green valleys and plains. Oregon has the most up-to-date cities amid hamlets reminiscent of early frontier days. The state is raging rivers, trickling brooks, mountain lakes, dramatic deserts and the powerful Pacific Ocean.

If America is a land of immigrants, Oregon is the end of the rainbow for people who traveled west and found a land too beautiful and promising to leave. There’s an overpowering presence of things green in Oregon. The grass is green. The valleys are green. The towering trees are green. Everything is fresh, alive, growing.

Then, too, there are the beaches. Miles of pure, white sand.

And the mountains " Hood, Bachelor, the Three Sisters and more. You can ski the slopes and hike the trails. To some there’s a bit of paradise in fishing a mountain-fed lake. In Oregon, some people gaze out their living room window to the majesty of a snow-capped peak.

Oregon’s rivers share in the magnetism. There’s the mighty Columbia, starting as a trickle in Canada and the building to one of the nation’s most scenic waterways as it races to the ocean, defining the Oregon and Washington boundary.

The salmon-crowded Rogue River in southern Oregon draws its share of sportsmen, as well as sight-seers. For others, no river matches the McKenzie, which meets the scenic Willamette in Eugene on its meandering journey through Oregon’s evergreen forests.

To most residents, a large part of Oregon’s magic stems from the fact that their jobs and homes are right in the middle of nature’s giant playground. Recreation is only a small stride from your doorstep. Recreation here isn’t a weekend thing or 50 weeks of backbreaking work for two weeks of vacation half a world away. It’s available seven days a week in Oregon.

The state’s recreation pursuits are rewarding and educationally stimulating for University of Oregon students. In the Eugene area, the recreational diversity is almost limitless. There is snow skiing and backpacking in the nearby Cascade Mountains. Water skiing is just minutes away. White water float trips down rushing mountains steams are a common undertaking. Bike paths are everywhere, and there are almost 50,000 bikes in Eugene alone equalling one bike for every two people. Dubbed Track City U.S.A., it's unquestionably the running capital of the world, and jogging trails abound.

Fishing is one of Oregon’s most popular sports. The Pacific Ocean and deep-sea fishing for ocean salmon is an hour away. And, the rainbow trout greet anglers in the McKenzie every spring. Oregon is a fisherman’s paradise, capable of measuring up to the wildest fish stories.

On the ruggedly beautiful and uncrowded beaches of the Oregon Coast, beach campfires and nighttime hot dog roasts signal a pleasant good evening to splashing, Frisbee tossing and beach browsing of the day. There are oceanside crab feeds and beachcombing along Oregon’s 400 miles of rugged shoreline. Private coves and inlets beg to be explored.

Golf is played at a feverish pitch by young and old Oregonians alike. The state has more golf courses per capita than any other U.S. state.

Every inch of the 400-mile coast line is publicly-owned. Oregonians live next to 227 state parks and 13 national forests.


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