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Team Blog: Camping on the Coast
Release Date: 09/29/2009
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The Oregon women's tennis team spent two nights camping along the Oregon Coast and sophomore Trudie du Toit and freshman Julia Metzger describe the trip below in the first of many Oregon women's tennis team blogs right here on

Trudie du Toit - Sophomore - Abbotsford, British Columbia

A tough week of training flew by and it was finally time for our team retreat to the Oregon coast for camping last week. With only a slight wrong turn, which made the trip about 45 minutes longer, we arrived at the camp ground in the late afternoon on Wednesday. A team challenge arose after we arrived as we split up into two groups to set up Paul and Maja's tents and although Paul's team finished first, I must say that Maja's tent was slightly trickier to set up. (Now guess which team I was on!) ;) After such hard work the hot dogs, smores, hot chocolate and pictionary was a great way to end our first day.

The next morning we went for a hike along the beautiful Oregon coast and took a pit stop at a little sandy beach to do some sprints. The amazing views made the five-hour hike more than just worthwhile. Our last evening ended with lots of chit-chat, a "how well do you know your teammates" quiz and a very amusing game of charades. The next morning we headed home. Although us girls did not exactly "rough it" in the wilderness - we had cabins (yurts), warm showers and running water - it was great to see my teammates in a different environment and spend some quality time with each of them.

Julie Metzger - Freshman - Perrysburg, Ohio

Hey Duck fans, this is Julia fresh off of our first U of O women's tennis camping trip. Going into it I didn't know what to expect because I have never been camping before, but the best word to describe it is AMAZING! It was about a two hour trip and once we were settled into our cabins, we started cooking some hot dogs and then finished off our dinner with a few smores.

Later that night we all got together for some pictionary. Let's just say most of us should stick with tennis, drawing isn't really our strong suit, but we had a few laughs because of it. The next morning we all relaxed at the campsite before getting ready for a hike along the coast. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen! The views were gorgeous and we even saw some sea lions. Midway through the hike Paul had us do some sprints just to keep us on track and working hard, and that night he rewarded us with pizza which was much appreciated after the long day.

We packed it up the next morning and headed back to campus. I was so happy to make this trip because of how much closer I feel to the team and coaches. I couldn't think of a better way to kick off the 09-10 season! Thanks everyone and GO DUCKS!


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