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Team Blog: First week of 2010!
Release Date: 01/11/2010
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Hello again! Kiwi on reporting duty:

Break was awesome! I went home to summertime in the southern hemisphere and spent a wonderful Christmas with my family and friends.  As well as me, everyone had a great holiday - although Paul takes the cake with his double shoulder dislocation (everybody should ask him about it! I know he'd love to chat about it!)  Side note: coaches are now banned from activities such as skiing.  Training started Jan 2nd with school following on the 4th - not exactly what I felt like after my time off but chin up!! Class went by well, although I signed up for a Shakespearian literature class with a workload that is indicating that I should also sign up for several tutors.  Ew.  I'd like to mention that we have a NEW DUCK! Patricia from Germany now sweats green and yellow for Oregon, and we are ever so glad to have her on our team!!!  This weekend saw the Alumni vs. Ducks in a play-off to the death. Well, slight exaggeration, but it presented a very exciting day of tennis with four doubles and six singles being played with wacky rules such as sub-ins of players mid-game.  Trudie and I controlled the position of media personnel with her tight shoulder and another (I've lost count now) steroid injection in my ankle.  We had a big team dinner with Ducks and Alumni that night, getting to know each other and stuffing our faces at Ambrosia in downtown Eugene.  Sunday fun-day consisted of......... Pause......... Homework. Don't get too excited now.  But, as usual some of us managed to meet up for an update on the previous nightly hours when we hadn't seen each other due to sleeping.  Everyone should contact Maja to receive emails concerning upcoming matches and events for the Ducks - beginning with Vegas and Corvallis tournaments next weekend. 

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