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The Beginning - Senior Duncan "Diesel" MacDonald-Korth
Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010 - 4:00 p.m.

To all the fans of Duck tennis, it has fallen on me to take over from the man, myth and legend Ric Mortera to be this year’s tennis blogger. My name is Duncan MacDonald-Korth and I am a senior from Miami, Fla., and captain of this year’s tennis team. In addition, I am also resident grandfather of the team, or at least it feels that way!

The boys and I just got back from what was an awesome team retreat to Sunriver, Ore. Coach Schyllander was nice enough to rent a whole house for the guys and I and we had a blast. We practiced, laughed, ate, ate again and had a great time. The returners got to know the freshies (Baptiste Faynot (The Doctor), Robin Cambier, and our two Oregonians Alex Rovello and Michael Schaeffer (who also speaks Dutch, which I find amazing!) and vice versa.

We learned a lot about each other, which was good, bad and gross. For instance, Aaron “Grinder” Clissold’s penchant for eating tortilla chips knows no bounds (a pound a day, no joke). We also learned the story of Mr. Rovello’s interesting technique on his groundstrokes, as well as a proper French accent thanks to Baptiste (aka Dr. Faynot).

You would be amazed at the sheer quantity of food consumed on this trip. Coach must have spent a small fortune just to buy the food. I state, without exaggeration—20 lbs of meat, 12 lbs of tortilla chips (of which Mr. Clissold must have eaten 10), 15 lbs of fruit, 15 lbs of vegetables, 10 lbs of cereal and eight gallons of milk. The trip was two nights. WOW!

The trip was great and we are looking forward to getting our fall season started. I think the retreat brought us closer as a t
eam, which will be integral to our success this season. I feel very optimistic about our team this year and the journey will officially start with Faynot and Rovello at All-Americans in Tulsa next weekend.

So long all Duck tennis fans out there. Blog to you next time!

Go Ducks!