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Strength & Conditioning Program
Release Date: 10/07/2005
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Strength and conditioning are the foundation of any athletic program. In order to perform at an optimal level for sustained periods, it is necessary for the athlete to maintain proper nutritional habits and rest patterns and develop consistent year-round workout routines.

The strength and conditioning staff has a natural concern for the efficiency of movement. It has been defined as "getting from Point A to Point B with the maximum amount of force in the minimum amount of time."

An athlete at Oregon will have the opportunity to improve himself as an athlete and make himself the best player he can be. That is best achieved by attacking it as a year-round program. Workouts are tailored to the specific phases of the year (in-season, off-season, post-season and preseason) and target speed, strength, flexibility and agility.

Strength is best attained by working with both dynamic and concentrated styles of resistance training, using different cycles throughout the year. Speed is improved through loading and over-speed training. Loading consists of uphill running, towing and plyometrics, employing many facets of jumping, running, sprinting and throwing.

Over-speed training includes downhill running and tubing and additional plyometric exercises. Research has shown Oregon’s approach and state-of-the-art program to personal development has produced outstanding results over many years.


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