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Athletics Compliance


Jody Sykes
Senior Associate AD,
Chief Compliance Office

Bill Clever
Executive Assistant AD, Compliance

Leanne Brooks
Assistant AD, Academic Eligibility

Tyler Hinton
Grant-in-Aid Coordinator

University of Oregon
Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
Len Casanova Athletic Center
2727 Leo Harris Parkway
Eugene, OR  97401

The University Of Oregon Athletics Department takes pride in operating our athletics programs with integrity. We are dedicated to enforcing adherence to the rules and regulations of the NCAA and the Pac-12 Conference by our student-athletes, coaches, administrators and supporters.

The goal of the Athletics Compliance office is to provide the education and support that our student-athletes, coaches, administrators and supporters need to make the right decisions and comply with the rules.  It is very important for both you and the University of Oregon that you know and abide by all NCAA legislation.  If you have specific questions about NCAA rules or would simply like more information, please contact the University Of Oregon Athletic Department’s Compliance Office.


Q:  May I contact high school coaches or guidance counselors directly regarding a prospect?
A:  No.  Such contact would constitute recruiting on your part and would jeopardize the eligibility of the prospective student-athlete.

Q:  If an Oregon coach has a recruit at an event, may I approach the prospect?
A:  No.  You cannot make any contact with the prospect or the prospect’s family.  Approach the coach only after the prospect and the prospect’s parents or guardians depart.

Q:  What should I do if I become aware of a rules violation?
A:  Contact of the University of Oregon Compliance Office to report the information pertinent to the violation.  You may remain anonymous if you wish.

Q:  Is it permissible for a student-athlete to sell their complimentary admission tickets?
A:  No.  A student-athlete may not receive payment for his or her complimentary admissions and may not exchange them for any item of value.  This action would jeopardize the student-athlete’s eligibility.

Q:  May I give student-athletes a discount on an item or service as part of my business?
A:  No.  A discount that is specifically designed for student-athletes is considered an extra-benefit and against NCAA rules.  However, if you provide a discount to all University of Oregon students, then student-athletes may also receive the discount.