Rob Mullens Athletic Director athleticdirector 541-346-5455
Mike Duncan Senior Associate Athletic Director - Facilites, Events & Operations   541-346-5326
Jeff Hawkins Senior Associate Athletic Director - Football Administration & Operations   541-346-5346
Desirae Hohensee Coordinator of Athletic Administration   541-346-4606
Vin Lananna Associate Athletic Director   541-346-5493
Lisa Peterson Senior Associate Athletic Director - SWA   541-346-5329
Craig Pintens Senior Associate Athletic Director - Marketing & Public Relations
pintens 541-346-5814
Eric Roedl Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director - Finance & Administration   541-346-5942
Mark Ruckwardt Assistant Athletic Director - Human Resources   541-346-5537
Jody Sykes Senior Associate Athletic Director - Chief Compliance Officer   541-346-5452
Herb Yamanaka Associate Athletic Director   541-346-5479
Administrative Assistants  
Jennifer Allen Sports Secretary - Men's Basketball, Men's & Women's Golf   541-346-4346
Janice Beck Sports Secretary - Volleyball, Baseball and Softball   541-346-5776
Illya Lebow Sports Secretary - Women's Basketball, Lacrosse & Soccer illya 541-346-5879
Alyssa Purcell Sports Secretary - Acrobatics & Tumbling, Men's and Women's Tennis    
Athletic Communications  
Andy McNamara Assistant Athletic Director - Athletic Communications (Director) mcnamara 541-346-2253
John Vu Communications Assistant (XC, LAX, WTEN, MGOLF) jvu 541-346-5475
Casey Johnson Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (VB, T&F) cjohn17 541-346-5532
Todd Miles Associate Director of Athletic Communications (BSB, FB) miles 541-346-0962
Rob Moseley Editor in Chief rmoseley 541-346-2250
Peter Clark Communications Assistant (WSOC, WGOLF, MTEN, A&T) clarkpj 541-346-5469
Greg Walker Associate Director of Athletic Communications (MBB, XC) gswalker 541-346-2252
Joe Waltasti Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (WBB, SB, O Heroes) waltasti 541-346-7332
Dave Williford Executive Assistant Athletic Director - Football Communications (FB) diw 541-346-2251
Business Office
Sharon Bonin Business Office   541-346-7496
Mary Ellen Mansfield Assistant Athletic Director - Budget and Business Services   541-346-5623
Colleen Minard Business Office   541-346-5487
Marne Minard Business Office   541-346-5720
Tash O'Brien Business Office   541-346-4172
Carmen Peters Assistant Director - Business Office   541-346-5539
Blair Williamson Business Office   541-346-5412
Leanne Brooks Assistant Athletic Director - Eligibility   541-346-2255
Alison Browning Compliance GA   541-346-5439
Kevin Christiansen Compliance GA   541-346-8066
Bill Clever Executive Assistant Athletic Director - Compliance   541-346-5502
Tyler Hinton Grant-in-Aid Coordinator   541-346-4499
Cindy Grotefend Assistant GM - Autzen Catering cag 541-346-5924
Joanna Johnson Assistant GM - Moshofsky Catering jjohns29 541-346-8883
Chris Lauber GM Matthew Knight Arena clauber 541-346-8941
Roger Toy GM Concessions, Autzen and Mo Center rtoy  
John Sargeant Director, Food & Beverage Services sargeant 541-346-5531
Duck Athletic Fund/Development
Franklin Alegria Associate Director of Development   503-412-3684
Beth Campbell Development Assistant   541-346-4460
Jill Cohen Assistant Director of Development - Donor Relations and Events   541-346-2246
H.J. Cohn Assistant AD, Major Gifts   503-412-3751
Janell Bergstrom Cook Associate Director, Constituent Engagement    
Jeff Eberhart Associate Director of Development   541-346-5597
Justin Fisher Sr. Director of Development   503-412-3751
Jo Anne Johnson Development Assistant   541-346-7103
Karen Lord Development Assistant   541-346-5419
Rhonda Bowers Duck Athletic Fund Receptionist   541-346-2271
Chris Malme Associate Director of Development   541-346-5681
Kristi Morris Special Assistant to Executive Senior Associate Athletic Directors   541-346-5464
Kim Murray Senior Director of Development   503-412-3681
Holly Santos Assistant AD, DAF Operations   541-346-5435
Joe Schaffeld Special Projects   541-346-5585
Equipment Room
Ken Farr Football Equipment Administrator   541-346-5929
Todd Hendrix Olympic Equipment Intern    
John Mitchell Assistant Equipment Manager - MacArthur Court   541-346-0899
Mack Rich Football Equipment Intern    
Donova Rogers MKA Equipment Manager    
Brad Terada Assistant Equipment Manager - Casanova Center   541-346-4467
Aaron Wasson Director of Equipment Operations   541-346-5795
Ashley McCrea Events   541-346-5500
Ginger Schulz Events   541-346-5312
Vicki Strand Director of Events Services   541-346-5860
Jeff Baden HVAC Control Technician    
Karessa Barnett Facilities Maintenance   541-346-2249
Bob Beals Associate Athletic Director - Facilities   541-346-5609
Jesse Bendix Trades Maintenance   541-346-8551
Andrew Bergman Custodial Maintenance   541-346-5422
Bill Centrella Trades Maintenance   541-346-4492
Lynn Chase Trades Maintenance   541-346-5516
Arne Clinton Trades Maintenance   541-346-4435
Sam Covington Director of Athletic Facilities Systems   541-346-8948
David Dahle Custodial Maintenance   541-346-4341
Steve DiNatale Grounds Maintenance   541-346-5403
Clark DuBellier Mechanical Systems   541-346-5327
Gerardo Escalante Grounds Maintenance   541-346-5850
Rick Gasser Mechanical Systems   541-346-5603
Daniel Hanson Laborer One   541-346-8524
Brad Harrold Mechanical Systems   541-346-5339
Kenny Hoffman Grounds Maintenance   541-346-1667
Robert McCoy Facilities Maintenance   541-346-5611
Mike McCoy Facilities Maintenance   541-346-1397
Joe Motta Trades Maintenance   541-346-5829
Cora Nunamaker Custodial Maintenance   541-346-5273
Krista Osburn Custodian   541-346-8050
Curt Parks Trades Maintenance   541-346-8554
Ron Perkins Trades Maintenance   541-346-3816
Charles Poe Audio/Visual    
Michael Racey Custodian   541-346-8050
Brent Roberts Trades Maintenance   541-346-8054
Jim Tabor Custodial Maintenance   541-346-5956
Mark Taylor Facilities Maintenance   541-346-8120
James von Olnhausen Laborer One    
Ray Widmar Custodial Maintenance Coordinator   541-346-4414
Football Operations Building
Matthew Everett Kitchen Manager    
Roger Foster Food Services    
Matt Hall Food Services    
William James Food Services    
Calvin Kenney Football Operations Building Facilities Manager   541-346-8529
Zebadiah McClenny Custodian    
Tami Meckle Custodian    
Norval Meashintubby Trades Maintenance Worker    
Octavio Ortiz Custodian    
Pratik Patel Director of Sports Nutrition    
Jeremy Schroeder
Sous Chef    
Justin Stafford Custodian    
Taylor Steves Office Specialist   541-346-8534
Tim Stewart Grounds Maintenance    
Nathan Talley General Maintenance Mechanic    
Matthew Turner Food Services    
Kari VanOrsdel Assistant Director  of Food and Beverage    
Caitlin Warshauer Sous Chef    
Colin Whitaker Nutrition Operations Manager    
Lynn Zhang Nutrition Operations Manager    
Information Services
Chris Butler Director of Information Technology   541-346-5474
Virginia Register Information Technology Consultant   541-346-5424
Marketing and Promotions  
Jerry Allen Radio Play-by-Play (FB, MBB, BSB)   541-346-5417
Joey Aliota Marketing & Promotions Assistant taliota 541-346-5330
David Georgieff Creative Services Multimedia Coordinator dgeorgie 541-346-8532
Dana Guthrie Cheer Advisor & Production Assistant   541-346-4481
Megan Robertson Director of Promotions & Gameday Experience meganr 541-346-4849
Ryan Therrell Director of Web Communications & Operations mrt 541-346-5518
Katie Urhausen Creative Services Director kcadwala 541-346-5726
Matthew Knight Arena
Josh Bailey Event Manager    
Jerry Clarke Custodial Maintenance - Matt Arena    
Charles Dougherty Operations Manager - Matt Arena   541-346-5781
Mark English Electrical Systems    
Steven Green Electrical Systems   541-346-4481
Rod Harrison Assistant   541-346-8395
Gabe Hein Assistant    
Sheryl Jackson Custodial Maintenance - Matt Arena    
Aaron Jester Equipment Systems    
Karl Johnson Assistant   541-346-8395
Scott LaBounty Video Production Director    
Larry Marshall Assistant   541-346-8395
Patrick Neve Systems Specialist - Matt Arena   541-346-5282
Che Robinson Assistant    
Devon Shea Senior Director of Arena Events & Production   541-346-7356
Ed Wellette Assistant    
Oregon IMG Sports Marketing  
Nicole Aliotti Account Executive nicole.aliotti 541-346-5357
Chris Bjork Director of Sales chris.bjork 503-412-3683
Drew DeHart Assistant General Manager drew.dehart 503-412-3708
Krissy Gilbertson Partner Services Coordinator kristin.gilbertson 541-346-5947
Brian Movalson General Manager brian.movalson 541-346-5750
Scott Phillips Content Producer scott.phillips 541-346-5423
Tracy Vogelsong Partner Services Manager tracy.vogelsong 541-346-5505
Spirit Groups
Sarah Dodson Administrative Band Coordinator   541-346-2138
Eric Wiltshire Band Director   541-346-5668
Ticket Office
Daryl Baptiste Ticket Office Intern    
Kelsey Crawford Ticket Office Intern    
Jason Harris Director of Ticket Sales Retention   541-346-2036
Laura Jorgensen Assistant AD, Director of Ticket Operations   541-346-4461
Fei Li Assistant Director of Ticket Operations    
Terry Smith Director of Ticket Sales   541-346-0773
Jeff Stewart Associate Director of Ticket Operations   541-346-5317
Ticket Sales
Matt Harper General Manager   541-346-5413
Eric Hjelm Account Executive   541-346-8455
Jose Martinez Account Executive   541-346-5337
Megan Reyes Account Executive   541-346-8453
Matt Stern Account Executive   541-346-8452
Student Services and Academic Support
Tim Bruegman Academic Coordinator for Football   541-346-5456
Shirley Brabham Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-1144
Katie Harbert Assistant Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development   541-346-5367
Jennie Leander Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-1523
Resa Lovelace Student Athlete Development Coordinator    
Dietrich Moore Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-5252
Twinkle Morton Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-5427
David Salmon Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-5428
Steve Stolp Director of Support Services - McArthur Court   541-346-5354
Carolee von Shillagh Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-5359
Athletic Medicine
Stephanie Brooks Athletic Trainer   541-346-5515
Tom Embree Athletic Trainer   541-346-4476
Heather Halseth Athletic Trainer   541-346-4470
Travis Halseth Athletic Trainer   541-346-5962
Clay Jamieson Athletic Trainer   541-346-2258
Tori Noda Athletic Trainer   541-346-6535
Tracey Oshiro Athletic Trainer   541-346-6501
Dr. Greg Skaggs Director of Athletic Medicine   541-346-4529
Kevin Steil Associate Director of Athletic Medicine - Football   541-346-5290
Kim Terrell Associate Director of Athletic Medicine   541-346-5160
Linda Ulmer Insurance Coordinator   541-346-5471
Grant Wilson Athletic Trainer    
Treatment Center, Bowerman Bldg.     541-346-5486
Treatment Center, Casanova Center     541-346-5304
Treatment Center, Hayward Field     541-346-5407
Treatment Center, Football     541-346-5436
Treatment Center, McArthur Court     541-346-5347
Treatment Center, Moshofsky Center     541-346-5955
Eric Day Assistant Video Coordinator   541-346-3825
Matt Nockleby Video Production Assistant    
Steve Pohl Video Coordinator   541-346-3825
Strength and Conditioning
Bryce Daub Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-8376
Mark Davis Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-8327
Mark Dillon Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-5323
Joel Favor Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-4478
Geoff Ginther Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-5301
Jim Radcliffe Head Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-5302
Art Tolhurst Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-7014