Rob Mullens Athletic Director athleticdirector 541-346-5455
Jim Bartko Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director - Development   541-346-5431
Mike Duncan Senior Associate Athletic Director - Facilites, Events & Operations   541-346-5326
Jeff Hawkins Senior Associate Athletic Director - Football Administration & Operations   541-346-5346
Vin Lananna Associate Athletic Director   541-346-5493
Lisa Peterson Senior Associate Athletic Director - SWA   541-346-5329
Craig Pintens Senior Associate Athletic Director - Marketing & Public Relations
pintens 541-346-5814
Eric Roedl Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director - Finance & Administration   541-346-5942
Mark Ruckwardt Assistant Athletic Director - Human Resources   541-346-5537
Jody Sykes Senior Associate Athletic Director - Chief Compliance Officer   541-346-5452
Herb Yamanaka Associate Athletic Director   541-346-5479
Administrative Assistants  
Jennifer Allen Sports Secretary - Men's Basketball, Men's & Women's Golf   541-346-4346
Janice Beck Sports Secretary - Volleyball, Baseball and Softball   541-346-5776
Illya Lebow Sports Secretary - Women's Basketball, Lacrosse & Soccer illya 541-346-5879
Alyssa Purcell Sports Secretary - Acrobatics & Tumbling, Men's and Women's Tennis    
Athletic Communications  
Andy McNamara Assistant Athletic Director - Athletic Communications (Director) mcnamara 541-346-2253
Anna LaBonte Communications Assistant (WSOC, LAX, WTEN, MGOLF) alabonte 541-346-5475
Casey Johnson Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (VB, T&F) cjohn17 541-346-5532
Todd Miles Associate Director of Athletic Communications (BSB, FB) miles 541-346-0962
Rob Moseley Editor in Chief rmoseley 541-346-2250
Peter Clark Communications Assistant (XC, WGOLF, MTEN, A&T) clarkpj 541-346-5469
Greg Walker Associate Director of Athletic Communications (MBB, CC) gswalker 541-346-2252
Joe Waltasti Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (WBB, SB, O Heroes) waltasti 541-346-7332
Dave Williford Executive Assistant Athletic Director - Football Communications (FB) diw 541-346-2251
Business Office
Sharon Bonin Business Office   541-346-7496
Mary Ellen Mansfield Assistant Athletic Director - Budget and Business Services   541-346-5623
Colleen Minard Business Office   541-346-5487
Marne Minard Business Office   541-346-5720
Tash O'Brien Business Office   541-346-4172
Carmen Peters Assistant Director - Business Office   541-346-5539
Blair Williamson Business Office   541-346-5412
Leanne Brooks Assistant Athletic Director - Eligibility   541-346-2255
Alison Browning Compliance GA   541-346-8066
Kevin Christiansen Compliance GA    
Bill Clever Executive Assistant Athletic Director - Compliance   541-346-5502
Tyler Hinton Grant-in-Aid Coordinator   541-346-4499
Cindy Grotefend Assistant GM - Autzen Catering cag 541-346-5924
Joanna Johnson Assistant GM - Moshofsky Catering jjohns29 541-346-8883
Chris Lauber GM Matthew Knight Arena clauber 541-346-8941
John Sargeant Director, Food & Beverage Services sargeant 541-346-5531
Duck Athletic Fund/Development
Franklin Alegria Associate Director of Development   503-412-3684
Beth Campbell Development Assistant   541-346-4460
Jill Cohen Assistant Director of Development - Donor Relations and Events   541-346-2246
H.J. Cohn Assistant AD, Major Gifts   503-412-3751
Janell Bergstrom Cook Associate Director, Constituent Engagement    
Jeff Eberhart Associate Director of Development   541-346-5597
Justin Fisher Sr. Director of Development   503-412-3751
Jo Anne Johnson Development Assistant   541-346-7103
Karen Lord Development Assistant   541-346-5419
Rhonda Bowers Duck Athletic Fund Receptionist   541-346-2271
Chris Malme Associate Director of Development   541-346-5681
Kristi Morris Special Assistant to Executive Senior Associate Athletic Directors   541-346-5464
Kim Murray Senior Director of Development   503-412-3681
Holly Santos Assistant AD, DAF Operations   541-346-5435
Joe Schaffeld Special Projects   541-346-5585
Equipment Room
Ken Farr Football Equipment Administrator   541-346-5929
Todd Hendrix Olympic Equipment Intern    
John Mitchell Assistant Equipment Manager - MacArthur Court   541-346-0899
Mack Rich Football Equipment Intern    
Brad Terada Assistant Equipment Manager - Casanova Center   541-346-4467
Aaron Wasson Director of Equipment Operations   541-346-5795
Ashley McCrea Events   541-346-5500
Ginger Schulz Events   541-346-5312
Vicki Strand Director of Events Services   541-346-5860
Jeff Baden HVAC Control Technician    
Karessa Barnett Facilities Maintenance   541-346-2249
Bob Beals Associate Athletic Director - Facilities   541-346-5609
Jesse Bendix Trades Maintenance   541-346-8551
Andrew Bergman Custodial Maintenance   541-346-5422
Bill Centrella Trades Maintenance   541-346-4492
Lynn Chase Trades Maintenance   541-346-5516
Arne Clinton Trades Maintenance   541-346-4435
Sam Covington Director of Athletic Facilities Systems   541-346-8948
David Dahle Custodial Maintenance   541-346-4341
Steve DiNatale Grounds Maintenance   541-346-5403
Clark DuBellier Mechanical Systems   541-346-5327
Gerardo Escalante Grounds Maintenance   541-346-5850
Rick Gasser Mechanical Systems   541-346-5603
Daniel Hanson Laborer One   541-346-8524
Brad Harrold Mechanical Systems   541-346-5339
Kenny Hoffman Grounds Maintenance   541-346-1667
Terry Hooton Custodial Maintenance   541-346-5476
Robert McCoy Facilities Maintenance   541-346-5611
Mike McCoy Facilities Maintenance   541-346-1397
Joe Motta Trades Maintenance   541-346-5829
Cora Nunamaker Custodial Maintenance   541-346-5273
Krista Osburn Custodian   541-346-8050
Curt Parks Trades Maintenance   541-346-8554
Ron Perkins Trades Maintenance   541-346-3816
Michael Racey Custodian   541-346-8050
Brent Roberts Trades Maintenance   541-346-8054
Jim Tabor Custodial Maintenance   541-346-5956
Mark Taylor Facilities Maintenance   541-346-8120
James von Olnhausen Laborer One    
Ray Widmar Custodial Maintenance Coordinator   541-346-4414
Football Operations Building
Matthew Everett Kitchen Manager    
Roger Foster Food Services    
Matt Hall Food Services    
William James Food Services    
Calvin Kenney Football Operations Building Facilities Manager   541-346-8529
Zebadiah McClenny Custodian    
Tami Meckle Custodian    
Norval Meashintubby Trades Maintenance Worker    
Octavio Ortiz Custodian    
Jeremy Schroeder
Sous Chef    
Justin Stafford Custodian    
Taylor Steves Office Specialist   541-346-8534
Tim Stewart Grounds Maintenance    
Matthew Turner Food Services    
Kari VanOrsdel Assistant Director  of Food and Beverage    
Caitlin Warshauer
Sous Chef    
Information Services
Chris Butler Director of Information Technology   541-346-5474
Alex Harris Information Technology Consultant   541-346-6445
Virginia Register Information Technology Consultant   541-346-5424
Marketing and Promotions  
Jerry Allen Radio Play-by-Play (FB, MBB, BSB) & Host of Ducks Insider   541-346-5417
Rachael Doyle Assistant Director of Promotions & Gameday Experience rdoyle 541-346-5690
David Georgieff Creative Services Multimedia Coordinator dgeorgie 541-346-8532
Dana Guthrie Cheer Advisor & Production Assistant   541-346-4481
Megan Robertson Director of Promotions & Gameday Experience meganr 541-346-4849
Ryan Therrell Director of Web Communications & Operations mrt 541-346-5518
Katie Urhausen Creative Services Director kcadwala 541-346-5726
Matthew Knight Arena
Josh Bailey Event Manager    
Jerry Clarke Custodial Maintenance - Matt Arena    
Charles Dougherty Operations Manager - Matt Arena   541-346-5781
Steven Green Electrical Systems   541-346-4481
Rod Harrison Assistant   541-346-8395
Gabe Hein Assistant    
Sheryl Jackson Custodial Maintenance - Matt Arena    
Karl Johnson Assistant   541-346-8395
Scott LaBounty Video Production Director    
Larry Marshall Assistant   541-346-8395
Patrick Neve Systems Specialist - Matt Arena   541-346-5282
Che Robinson Assistant    
Devon Shea Senior Director of Arena Events & Production   541-346-7356
Ed Wellette Assistant    
Oregon IMG Sports Marketing  
Nicole Aliotti Account Executive nicole.aliotti 541-346-5357
Chris Bjork Director of Sales chris.bjork 503-412-3683
Drew DeHart Assistant General Manager drew.dehart 503-412-3708
Krissy Gilbertson Partner Services Coordinator kristin.gilbertson 541-346-5947
Brian Movalson General Manager brian.movalson 541-346-5750
Scott Phillips Content Producer scott.phillips 541-346-5423
Tracy Vogelsong Partner Services Manager tracy.vogelsong 541-346-5505
Spirit Groups
Sarah Dodson Administrative Band Coordinator   541-346-2138
Eric Wiltshire Band Director   541-346-5668
Ticket Office
Daryl Baptiste Ticket Office Intern    
Kelsey Crawford Ticket Office Intern    
Jason Harris Director of Ticket Sales Retention   541-346-2036
Laura Jorgensen Assistant AD, Director of Ticket Operations   541-346-4461
Fei Li Assistant Director of Ticket Operations    
Terry Smith Director of Ticket Sales   541-346-0773
Jeff Stewart Associate Director of Ticket Operations   541-346-5317
Ticket Sales
Matt Harper General Manager   541-346-5413
Eric Hjelm Account Executive   541-346-8455
Jose Martinez Account Executive   541-346-5337
Megan Reyes Account Executive   541-346-8453
Matt Stern Account Executive   541-346-8452
Student Services and Academic Support
Tim Bruegman Academic Coordinator for Football   541-346-5456
Shirley Brabham Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-1144
Katie Harbert Assistant Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development   541-346-5367
Jennie Leander Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-1523
Dietrich Moore Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-5252
Twinkle Morton Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-5427
David Salmon Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-5428
Steve Stolp Director of Support Services - McArthur Court   541-346-5354
Carolee von Shillagh Support Services for Student Athletes   541-346-5359
Athletic Medicine
Stephanie Brooks Athletic Trainer   541-346-5515
Tom Embree Athletic Trainer   541-346-4476
Heather Halseth Athletic Trainer   541-346-4470
Carol Sue Haley Insurance Coordinator   541-346-2257
Travis Halseth Athletic Trainer   541-346-5962
Clay Jamieson Athletic Trainer   541-346-2258
Tori Noda Athletic Trainer   541-346-6535
Tracey Oshiro Athletic Trainer   541-346-6501
Dr. Ken Singer Team Physician   541-346-6104
Dr. Greg Skaggs Director of Athletic Medicine   541-346-4529
Kevin Steil Associate Director of Athletic Medicine - Football   541-346-5290
Kim Terrell Associate Director of Athletic Medicine   541-346-5160
Linda Ulmer Insurance Coordinator   541-346-5471
Grant Wilson Athletic Trainer    
Treatment Center, Bowerman Bldg.     541-346-5486
Treatment Center, Casanova Center     541-346-5304
Treatment Center, Hayward Field     541-346-5407
Treatment Center, Football     541-346-5436
Treatment Center, McArthur Court     541-346-5347
Treatment Center, Moshofsky Center     541-346-5955
Eric Day Assistant Video Coordinator   541-346-3825
Matt Nockleby Video Production Assistant    
Steve Pohl Video Coordinator   541-346-3825
Strength and Conditioning
Bryce Daub Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-8376
Mark Davis Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-8327
Mark Dillon Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-5323
Joel Favor Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-4478
Geoff Ginther Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-5301
Jim Radcliffe Head Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-5302
Art Tolhurst Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach   541-346-7014