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Rose Bowl Week, Day 4 Wrap
Wednesday, December 30, 7:00 a.m. PST

The Ducks completed their fourth of six Southern California practices on Tuesday, dressed in shoulder pads and shorts as they start to taper down heading into Friday's Rose Bowl clash with the Big Ten Buckeyes. In a normal practice week the team has five workouts, so Chip Kelly referred to Tuesday's session as a bonus day. As a result, today's practice will be a normal "Thursday" and tomorrow will consist of a walkthrough typical of a normal game week "Friday."

The energy level continues to run high and you get the sense that most everyone in the travel party is not only anxious to play, but prepared and ready to do so at this stage. While the betting line may favor the Ducks, Ohio State would be a big favorite if point spreads were based on the eyeball test. The size discrepancy between the two squads isn't lost on the UO players and they may be harboring a bit of underdog motivation as a result.

ESPN SportsCenter anchor Neil Everett, an Oregon alum, closed practice with a pep talk to the team. Everett was presumably named after his grandfather Neil Morfitt, who played for the Ducks in the 1920 Rose Bowl loss to Harvard. "Win one for Neil Everett's Grandpa" doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "Win one for the Gipper," but it was a solid speech none the less.

Off the practice field, the Ducks are getting high marks from the service staff at the Home Depot Center for their politeness and willingness to pick up after themselves compared to other teams they have hosted. A staffer also noted that UO eats less and drinks more than 2009 Pac-10 Rose Bowl representative USC. Oregon would dominate an All-Hydration team.

The growing Eric Evans Photography crew chips in with the day in pictures...

Walter Thurmond III may not be playing in the Rose Bowl, but still takes his duties as captain seriously.

Javes Lewis stretching out before UO's 1 hour 40 minute practice on Tuesday.

An unsung hero during Oregon's Pac-10 Championship season - the iPod.

Cliff Harris trying to make weight on a 68-degree, sun-soaked day in Carson, Calif.

No mistaking Diante Jackson's allegiance despite the red jersey.

Tailback U. is about to become Receiver U. with the likes of Jackson and Tyrece Gaines (pictured) running routes in the fall of 2010.

Garrett Embry's hands have been like flypaper this week.

Need a first down? Dial 42. David Paulson delivers.

Lavasier Tuinei can also catch the rock.

Steve Greatwood wears a reminder that the '01 Ducks were also Rose Bowl worthy.

These folks are either super fans or curious about where the loud music is coming from.

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