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Team Blog - Oregon Cross Country

Lanie Thompson: Week 2 at XC Camp

Monday, September 20, 2010, 10:45 a.m.

Hey again Duck Fans! Since the last time I wrote not too much has changed up here at Sunriver. We're still getting in some solid training while also getting the chance to run on beautiful trails. Today we ran on a trail that rolled along next to the river and in the middle of the run, we were able to take a bit of a breather and see the gorgeous site of the Benham Falls.

I can't write without at least mentioning the amazing dinners we've been having! Workouts are definitely tough so we always have to make sure we are well fueled! I won't be able to talk about all of the meals but here are just a few standouts: Sarah Penney's chicken enchiladas, Taylor Wallace's chili, and tomorrow we get Claire Michel's famous paella! Anne Kesselring is also quite the baker and made a delicious carrot cake in order to celebrate Sarah P's birthday!

Camp has truly been going as well as it could and we are getting super excited to race at Notre Dame in a few weeks. We all know that this season could really be something special. Of course, a lot of how we do this season relies on our physical abilities and fitness, but I think a team's success goes beyond just talent. Any team can have raw talent, but not every team has the bond it takes to go places. After being at camp for only two weeks, I know that there is a special bond within this team that is hard to put into words. It is this bond, combined with the talent that I know this team has, that will allow us to accomplish great things this season!

Lastly, I sent along some images from our training. I know it looks warm, but trust me, that water is cold!

Thanks for tuning in and like always, GO DUCKS!

Lanie T.


Jordan Hasay times our post-run "cold pool" session.




The group at the river after a day of training.




Phyllis Francis making sure her "Chi" is centered.




A look at the future: freshmen Laura Roesler, Lanie Thompson (redshirt) and Megan Patrignelli (back) and sophomores Becca Friday and Sarah Penney.