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Friday's Duck Cast
Thursday, November 25, 10 a.m. PT

Since the Ducks don't have any home games in December this year, it only seems appropriate for the weather to cooperate in giving Friday's Autzen finale a winter-like feel. For the specifics, we turn to Oregon AMS chapter president Bobby Corser and the official Duck Cast:

"Winter weather came calling to the Willamette Valley early this year as snow and cold temperatures blanketed most of the state this week. As Oregon gets ready to welcome in our friends from the desert, maybe it's a good thing that it’s cold here. After we've all recovered from our Thanksgiving Day festivities, our attention turns back to the Ducks. The weather for the Friday's game doesn't look very hospitable. The snow will be long gone, but it will be replaced by some ice cold rain. Temperature at kick off will be in the lower 40's and it will feel downright cold. It could be a bit breezy under the showers that will roll through. If you're going to the game, dress in layers and stay warm. The hot chocolate that is sold at Autzen is amazing by the way, I highly recommend getting some! Let's cheer on the Ducks as we continue this awesome season. Go Ducks!”

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