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Ben DeJarnette: Teams Mix Movies, Training

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello again, Duck fans!

I hope everyone enjoyed that 69-point performance against Nevada as much as we did here at Sunriver!  After watching De'Anthony Thomas torch the Wolfpack defense, I'm lobbying to get numbers on our cross country uniforms so that I can snag #6.  I'll keep you posted.

As for training, it is all systems go as we enter our final week of camp.  Workouts are progressing well, and everyone is doing a great job of learning to work with their teammates.  The better we become at sticking together in workouts and races, the better I like our chances of success down the road.  

During our rest hours, naps and movies have been popular options for passing time.  In the men's house, Gladiator, 300, and Black Hawk Down highlighted the movie list.  In the evenings, the women have joined us for games of "Psychiatrist" and "Mafia", both of which have been big hits.  "Mafia" has too many complexities to explain in this blog, but I can tell you that fellow blogger Lanie Thompson is still on my black list for her sly deception.  Disregard everything she tries to tell you in her next blog post-she cannot be trusted!

Finally, I'd like to introduce you to two of our freshmen newcomers, Matt Jablonski and Jeramy Elkaim.  Check in next week to learn more about Chad Noelle and Ryan Pickering.

Name: Matt Jablonski
Hometown: Cockeysville, MD
Expected Major: Business
Favorite Movie: Inception
Top Played Song on iPod: "She Will" (feat. Drake) by Lil Wayne
Why the Ducks? "Oregon had many things about it that ultimately made my decision very easy.  I meshed very well with Coach Lananna and Coach Powell, and I really liked the team.  Also, Oregon has some the best facilities around and academically it is a great fit for me.  Having the chance to live, train, and go to school in Track Town, USA was an opportunity I could not pass up."
Favorite Quote: "Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever." -Lance Armstrong
Dream Date: "Going out and having a good dinner and seeing a good movie."
Blogger's Spin:  What is it with Matt's from Maryland? Following in the footsteps of Matthew Centrowitz, Matt Jablonski becomes the latest East Coast standout to join the Ducks.  Though Matt tends to be one of the quieter freshmen, he has no trouble talking about the 2011 Penn Relays High School Mile, when he dove across the line just in front of fellow freshman Chad Noelle.  Hopefully the Jablonski-Noelle duo will produce some more 1-2 finishes during their four years at Hayward Field!

Name: Jeramy Elkaim
Hometown: Livingston, NJ
Expected Major: Accounting
Favorite Movie: Ocean's Eleven
Top Played Song on iPod: "Too Fake" (feat. Chiddy Bang) by Big Sean
Why the Ducks? "I liked a bunch of the schools I visited, but I wanted to go to Oregon because they have both a great cross country team and a great track team, while other schools seemed to be good at just one or the other.  I also felt like Oregon had everything I wanted as far as people on the team, coaching, and tradition."
Favorite Quote: "Don't take life too seriously; you'll never get out alive" - Van Wilder
Dream Date: "Great girl, great food, great movie, nice walk on the beach."
Blogger's Spin: Jeramy almost became the shortest tenured Oregon athlete in history when he decided to taunt me as my beloved Dallas Cowboys imploded against the New York Jets.  Miraculously, however, self-control prevailed and Jeramy is within five days of surviving training camp.  I think the Hayward Field crowd will enjoy his fearless running style and dynamic personality.

Go Ducks!
Ben D.