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Team Blog - Oregon Cross Country

Lanie Thompson: Putting it All Together at NCAAs

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Greetings from Indiana!

I know it's been a while since I've last blogged, but for those of you who have been keeping up with women's cross-country team, we find ourselves in good old Terre Haute, Indiana, ready to race on Monday at the NCAA championships.  Boy does the season go by fast!  It seems like just last week I was writing the first blog from training camp in Sunirver!

A lot has changed since camp in Sunriver in terms of school and training, but in a sense, we're still the same team with the same goals.  Each meet has been a learning experience for us this year.  We head into every race with a goal or strategy, and come out knowing the things we need to work on so we can improve in the next race.  After we finish up a meet, we are right away looking forward to the next one because we have a clear understanding that we have yet to reach our full potential as a team.

The thing is, there are no more chances after Monday's race. This is it. The NCAA Championships is where everything we have worked on all season in terms of our goals and strategy need to come together.  We've had several opportunities this season to look forward to the next race so we can prove ourselves, but here is where we truly want to reach our full potential. We all know we're capable;, it's just a matter of doing it.

Now some might say that last statement I made is easier said than done, especially when you think about how tough cross country is.  Cross country races hurt.  End of story.  They are painful.  They take guts but more importantly, I think they take heart, something our team has plenty of.  I came across a quote that said, "Just because your legs and muscles scream at you with pain doesn't mean you have to listen to them."  The reason we don't have to listen to the pain we may feel in a race is because we all have the same heart.  Running is our passion!  We wouldn't be running collegiately if we didn't absolutely love it.  So yes the race is going to hurt, but knowing that our team has the same heart in terms of goals and what we want to accomplish is what will allow us to represent the "O" in the way we all know is possible!

The NCAA Championships will be streamed live on, so be sure to tune in and follow the Ducks. And on behalf of the entire team, thank you for all the support this season!  Like always, GO DUCKS!

Lanie T.