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May the Schwartz be with You
Tuesday, August 26, 5:00 a.m.

Since Monday was jammed with plenty of normal business, let's start Tuesday off on more of a lighter note by welcoming former UO right tackle and current Carolina Panther Geoff Schwartz to Duck Feed for a little Q&A.

Q: When was the last time you listened to Jeff Kendall's rant on the Jim Rome radio show?
A: Not in a real long time, but I’ll listen to it now.

Q: Does it ever not make you laugh out loud?
A: Wow, that is still amazing 10 months after it happened. I remember talking to Kendall the week we were going on the air and we had talked about putting a rant together for the show but never got around to making one. Then right before we got on the phone with Rome, Kendall pulls out about 8 sheets of paper that he written his rant notes on and then he let it rip

Q: Have you suggested the "jumbo option sweep" to your OC in Carolina? It's good for three yards every time.
A: Haha, I wish that was an option in the offense here, but right now I’m just trying to make the squad.

Adding yet another wrinkle to the Oregon offense, quarterback Dennis Dixon pitched to big No. 75 in the Ducks' 2007 victory over USC.

Q: Can Jake Hucko or C.E. Kaiser fill your shoes on that play?
A: Never!

Q: What's the biggest difference between Fall Camp in college and the NFL?
A: All NFL practice schedules for camps are different, where as college camps are basically all the same. NFL practices are shorter, but more intense. We camp down in South Carolina at Wofford College, which means it is about 100 degrees everyday with humidity. We do however get a bunch more time off in between practices, and even days off, compared to college, which is great.

Q: Is it really the "No Fun League"? I've got to think there are worse occupations to have.
A: The NFL is different than college. The NFL tries hard to protect its image and that’s why it seems like it is the no fun league. This is a job now and people treat the game differently than you would in college or even high school for that reason. You are up at 5:45-6:30 a.m. every day during the regular season and leave the facility around 5-6 p.m., which gets tough after while, but in the end I think that everyone who plays still loves football and does have fun playing.

Q: What's new with Jonathan Stewart? Does he still love doing interviews?
A: Well, Jonathon is Jonathan. Quiet and keeps to himself, but he can sure run the ball.

Q: Is there one guy at Oregon this year that could play meaningful minutes for the Panthers tomorrow?
A: J Will and Chung. I would love to say Unger but we have a second year center.

Q: Why did the Giants give Barry Zito $126 million dollars?
A: Why did the Dodgers give Schmidt, Pierre and Jones about 100 Million? Why did the Dodgers trade Pedro or Piazza? Why have the Dodgers only won a single playoff game since 1988? Why do the Dodgers seem to underachieve every year? Some questions just can’t be answered. In 3 or 4 years the Giants will be back on top. Just look at their minor league system and pitching. We are stacked.

Q: Friends or Family? When the Ducks face Cal this year, what will be the outcome?
A: The best part about this game is that it is the weekend of my bye week so I will be in Berkeley for the game. I will be rooting for Oregon to win but will also root for my bro to play well. So say Oregon wins 55-0, and Mitch has no sacks and 10 pancakes, I will leave the stadium a happy man.

Q: Outside of football, how's life treating you down on Tobacco Road?
A: Life is great here. It’s such a different way of living - way more laid back than the west coast and people are so nice here. The food is great also, which is most important in my book. One thing that takes adjusting to is the time zone difference when it comes to west coast sports. A 7 p.m. night game on the west coast is a 10 p.m. start here, which really sucks. Thank you to the creator of DVR.

Q: Give me your win/loss record for the Ducks this year. And how about your Panthers?
A: I’ll go with the ducks first. Last years team was great when healthy and we had a great schedule, yet still lost to Cal. Not saying this year’s team isn’t as good, that has yet to be seen yet. I highlighted team because I think that there is more talent on the team this year than last year, especially on defense, but they need to gel together and play as a team. Last season when we stepped on the field, we knew that we weren’t leaving the field without a Win...If they can form that team, I don’t see them losing more than two games even with a brutal away schedule. USC, CAL and OSU will be tough on the road. I don’t think ASU will be that great. The last three seasons we are 1-2 against AZ, so don’t count that game as a W yet. So, I think it is reasonable to imagine a 10-2 season. (Note: I wrote this before Costa got injured, but I have full faith in Roper and I think that the team can still win just as many games or more. He does a great job of managing the offense and that’s all that needs to be done in order to win.) As for the Panthers, I don’t have the slightest clue. If Jake can stay healthy, we will be a contender in the NFC. I would guess that’s around a 12-4 record or something around there.

Q: Do you have one of the O-Line “Fat Kids Living the Dream” calendars? If so what’s your favorite month?
A: We have a copy of the calendar at home in LA and my favorite month has to be Kendall’s or Huck’s months. Those are classic pictures.

Thanks Geoff and good luck this season!

Jeff Kendall scoots to class in this shot from the Oregon O-Line's 2008-09 Calendar.

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