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Chung to Wear 2-9
Wednesday, August 26, 6:30 p.m.

The Ducks have announced that Patrick Chung will wear Todd Doxey’s No. 29 jersey for Saturday’s game against Washington. The fifth-year senior captain, who is the physical and emotional leader of the secondary, had a special connection with Doxey in that the late redshirt freshman was thought to be his eventual successor at the rover position.


Doxey at the 2008 Spring Game. 

All Oregon players will honor Doxey with a helmet sticker this season, and his jersey will rotate among teammates every game.

This plaque, one of many reminders around the Cas Center of the late Todd Doxey, now hangs in the hallway of the Oregon Football suite.

Game Week
For your homework prior to the opener, here’s the link to the Game Week page on Every week this page will direct you to all the nuts and bolts information you need about the Ducks and their opponent.

Drop and Give Me 20
It’s been well documented in the media during the preseason how Chung and Co. hold themselves to a higher standard and do push-ups throughout practice when they or a fellow secondary member misses an assignment or fails to make a play. This is a great concept for any profession, don’t you think? The next time you make a mistake at work, try it out for yourself. This morning I caught an error in the game notes (the sideline reporter for FSN was incorrect) and hit the floor for 20.

Bold Predictions
I’ve made a list of “predictions” for Saturday and sealed them in an envelope. Not wanting to give the opposition any bulletin board material, I’ll wait until after the conclusion of the game to reveal the contents. This is primarily an exercise to see if I really have any insight into the team or if I’m a professional smoke blower.

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