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The Oregon Sports mascot and the UO Cheerleaders serve as official ambassadors for the University of Oregon and University of Oregon Athletic Department. The Cheerleaders and the Duck proudly represented the university and careful consideration is given on where, when, and why they makes appearances. 

The primary role of the Duck is to represent University of Oregon Athletics, promote the teams, galvanize the crowd, and cheer on the Ducks. As unique as the Duck is in college athletics so is the University's relationship with Disney Enterprises, owner of the Duck. In 1942, Walt Disney gave permission to the University to use images created by Disney Studios as the University's sports mascot. Decisions regarding permitting the Duck to appear at events outside of Athletic events and official university functions are thoughtfully considered and must fit within the University's strategic promotional goals and objectives and protect that decision which granted UO permission to use the Duck. 

UO Cheerleaders and the mascot lead busy lives as they balance their student responsibilities with their cheerleading. Their availability as university representatives for events beyond their official duties must fit not only within their already busy schedules but also within the goals of the UO Game Day Experience and Promotions office.

The primary role of the Duck and the cheerleaders is to actively support and extend the mission and knowledge of the University of Oregon and its Athletic Department. The closer your request for an appearance aligns with the goal of promoting and supporting the university the better we are able to positively review your request. 


  1. Cheerleading and Mascot appearances are available upon request with a MINIMUM of one month notice.
    Because of the time demands on the students, we cannot guarantee that each requested appearance will
    be fulfilled and priority will be given to athletics-related duties.

  2. The University of Oregon Department of Intercollegiate Athletics reserves the right to refuse any appearance.  
    All requests for specific appearances will be left to the discretion of the Athletics Department. The Athletic
    Department will decide if any appearance conflicts with its best interests. 

  3. Appearances requested by UNIVERSITY OF OREGON DEPARTMENTS & GROUPS are considered at the
    University rate ONLY if the event is an official, University-sanctioned event as determined by University
    Relations in collaboration with the Office of Marketing and Brand Management. Priority and consideration
    is given to events that advance the University's overall mission.

  4. Appearances requested by SCHOOLS & NON-PROFIT Groups are considered ONLY at the School & Non-
    Profit rate ONLY if the event serves an educational purpose to the ENTIRE school or organization. 

  5. Appearances serve as a fundraiser for the Oregon Cheerleading and Mascot program.  Funds received are
    applied to the overall expenses (travel, equipment, etc.) for the squad.

  6. Requesting individuals or groups will be invoiced and the Athletic Department will receive payment PRIOR
    to the appearance.

  7. Appearances are a MINIMUM of one hour and INCLUDE travel time. Appearances are not to exceed two
    hours. Appearance fees for all requesting individuals or groups are as follows and include travel time:

Cheerleaders (per hour)
$200 1-3 Cheerleaders
$400 3-6 Cheerleaders
$600 7 or more Cheerleaders

Duck (per hour)

Schools / Non-Profit Groups / University Groups (per hour)
$150 for 1-3 Cheerleaders
$300 for 3-6 Cheerleaders
$450 for 7 or more Cheerleaders
$200 for the Duck
*Minimum appearance of one hour

Duck Mascot Appearances during Football Gamedays

(15 minute Appearance) $150.00

Appearances must be within ¼ mile of Autzen Stadium and must include a complete description of the location of the tailgate. Appearances are subject to availability and 1st come and 1st serve basis.

 ***If the appearance is away from the Eugene/Springfield area mileage expenses must be paid.


  1. All appearance requests must be submitted a minimum of one month prior to the date of the appearance.

  2. Requests can be submitted online or mailed to:

    The University of Oregon Athletic Department
    Attn: Oregon Cheerleading
    2727 Leo Harris Parkway
    Eugene, Oregon 97401

  3. Written requests must include the following: 

  • Name of organization requesting appearance.
  • Contact person
  • Day and evening phone numbers, address and fax.
  • Age group of organization participating.
  • Date and time appearance is requested.
  • Location of appearance (including street address)
  • Number of people participating.
  • Cheerleader or specific mascot requested
  • Number of Cheerleaders requested
  1. All requests will receive a confirmation letter within two weeks.

  2. For fastest confirmation please submit your request online.

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