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O Heroes works closely with the Boys and Girls Club of the Emerald Valley. Click here to read more.

The student-athletes at the University of Oregon are committed to giving back and serving the local community. Through the O Heroes program student-athletes regularly complete up to 4,000 hours of service per year and serve many schools in Lane County.

The focus of the O Heroes is concentrated in three key initiatives: health, education, and service. Student-athletes voluntarily fulfill many service requests from the community; however priority will be given to programs that meet the objectives of O Heroes, are in Lane County, and take place on a Day of Service. Sensitivity is given to student-athletes with respect to academic, competition, practice, and training schedules.

If your school or organization would like to request the service of a student-athlete, please fill out the Online Appearance Request Form. Please note the following:

  • Submitting a form does not guarantee the request will be fulfilled.
  • Requests must be received at least two weeks prior to the date of activity.
  • Requests for specific student-athletes or teams are not guaranteed.
  • Please read the NCAA Guidelines/Restrictions prior to submitting an appearance request.
Below are our guidelines for the type of volunteer work that we are focused on participating in:
1.   Youth Services 
2.   Hospital Visits
3.   Underprivileged Groups
4.   Community Development
The O Heroes program strives to create opportunities for student-athletes that will give them the tools to continue their community service initiatives beyond their collegiate years.

Potential roadblocks that may prevent the student-athletes of O Heroes from participating are:
1.   NCAA Compliance Issues
2.   Lack of Student-Athlete Engagement
3.   Timing of the Event
4.   Distance
For more information, please contact:
Resa B. Lovelace
Student-Athlete Development Coordinator
University of Oregon