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Rose Bowl Press Conference, Offense
Release Date: 12/29/2009
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LOS ANGELES, Calif. - It was the offense's turn to speak with the press prior to the big game and the media came out in droves to speak with Jeremiah Masoli, Ed Dickson, Bo Thran, LaMichael James and offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich. Lots of questions about how Oregon's fast-paced offense will match-up with the defense of Ohio State and the contrasting styles of the two programs in general. These press conference are a great chance for the out-of-town media to get to know the Ducks.

Look below for some photos of the morning's press conference by Eric Evans and a few quotes from the Ducks.

Jeremiah Masoli

On picking up the Oregon offense we he first joined the team:
“It definitely took awhile. I got in during the summer and really only had limited reps in fall camp. It was difficult definitely but I hung in there with Chip Kelly and got a hang of it after a while.”

The art of deception in the offense:
“I think those ball fakes and all those little things in our offense are overlooked. A ball fake by me or LaMichael can get a guy to false step in one direction and then it’s first down or touchdown. We have guys like LaMichael who can, even if we don’t block one guy, can just run right around him.”

On what it’s like to run a fast-paced offense:
“It’s not easy. Just being fast-paced the conditioning aspect is everything, you have to have that right first and foremost. You have to learn how to play when you’re tired and be able to focus when you’re tired. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a huddle. It’s fun.”

Bo Thran

On practicing early all season:
“We started doing that in the spring. Before that we used to practice in the afternoons so it was different. But we’ve fallen into a great routine and doing the same thing every week. I love it really. I’d rather practice in the mornings because everyone is fresh and has a ton of energy.”

On how Blount has been in Rose Bowl practices:
“He’s doing awesome. He gives us another threat because he’s a different type of runner. He’s always been a great asset to this team.”

On going against OSU’s defense in the Rose Bowl:
“I’m really excited. They have a great defense. Their d-line is fast and they’re great and I can’t wait for the challenge.”

On the contrasting styles of Oregon and Ohio State:
“You can see the differences. They’re tradition and we really don’t have tradition. We have all the new stuff and all the Nike gear. But I still think we are a hard-working team and we have that going for us too.”

LaMichael James

On Oregon’s offense tiring out opposing defenses:
“It really wears them down. Sometimes near the end of games you can see the defenders and they’re really tired. I think it really benefits us well. It’s a good thing for us.”

On if he sees physical signs of opposing defenses tiring at the end of games:
I see that every game. Once they get their heads down I tell everybody to just speed it up. I even tell  coach Kelly to speed it because it really helps us.”

On what team handled the Oregon fast-pace the best this season:
“I have to say Arizona did a great job. Those guys really didn’t get tired as we got to the fourth-quarter. They have a great defense.”

On if he thinks Ohio State’s defense will be on par with others he’s seen this season:
“I actually haven’t seen a defense like Ohio State’s. I think they’re good all around. In the front seven they are very good and they have athletic corners and DBs. They are just athletic all around.”

Ed Dickson

On Nike’s influence at Oregon:
“It just been amazing at what Nike has done for this university and we’re grateful for that. We dress nice and we play nice.”

On rebounding after the Boise State loss:
“It’s like the whole world came down on you. First game of the season we wanted to come out and start strong but we had to go back to the drawing board. After that we had a players-only meeting and then coach Kelly came to talk to us and he said, ‘guys, we probably just played the worst game our whole college careers so what are we going to do from here?’ So we basically said that we need to take it one game at a time, one play at a time.”


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