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Oregon Cheerleaders

UO Ambassadors

The Oregon Duck Cheerleaders are often referred to as “Ambassadors of the University of Oregon.” The dedication, loyalty and quest for continual improvement are hallmarks of the Oregon Cheerleading Program. The 43-member University of Oregon cheerleading squad represents one of the top colleges in the nation and is comprised of 14 dancers and 14 stunt couples. The Oregon cheerleaders support University of Oregon athletic programs and entertain crowds at Autzen Stadium and Matthew Knight Arena. See them in action at football, volleyball and men's and women's basketball events. In addition to entertaining crowds at Oregon athletic events, the cheerleading squad also supports the University at many events across the state of Oregon. The team has traveled to all away football games, including 16 out of the last 17 bowl games. They represent the UO at the PAC-12 Conference basketball tournament and at post-season NCAA volleyball and basketball tournaments. The Cheerleaders do appearances around the community along side the Duck Mascot as a means to help fund their program.

Meet The Team
Dancers Stunt Girls Stunt Guys Coaches

Emily A.
Shannon B.
Ellie C.
Ellie C.
Lindsey L.
Kimmi E.
Tawnya F.
Molly N.
Christine R.
Kaeleigh R.
.Maggie R.
Ashlyn S
Julianna S.
Shyla T.
Searra V.

Chloe C.
Corrin C
Leslie C.
Shelby D
Amanda F
Emma H
Caroline I.
Maddie M.
Jocelyn O.
Whitney P.
Dylan P.
Taylor R.
Allison S.
 Leah S.

Chris A.
Ryan B.
Shane B.
Gregory B.
Kevin C.
Zach C.
Connor G.
Ian H
Jeremy S
Henry S.
Ty V.

Head Coach
Dana Guthrie

Dance Coach
Michelle Berg

Stunt Coach
Rob Rivas