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The Day After - NCAA Regional Wrap-Up Blog #4
Release Date: 05/24/2010
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By Shelley Deadmond (5/24/10)

We did it! We beat Georgia Tech in what turned out to be one of the most intense games of the season after they came back from trailing two runs to tie it up with the bases loaded and just one out in the bottom of the 7th inning.  Coach White brought in Mikayla Endicott to relieve our ace Jessica Moore, whose pitching had carried us through the entire weekend. (Huge ups to Jess)

“Big Mac,” as we call her, shined. She went in there and immediately ended the inning with a gnarly pair of strikeouts.

We knew it needed to happen right then and there. It was going to take just solid situational execution. First-baseman Carlyn Re came through with a huge lead-off single to centerfield to start it. I came in to run for her and read a ball in the dirt to take second. This was it…

Like I said before, execution was the name of the game. Kaitlin Vitek went on to get the sacrifice bunt down to make it one out with a runner on third. Then my good friend Ashley Kivett stepped up to the plate. There was no doubt, only focus. She hit a sacrifice fly to centerfield deep enough to score me on the tag. It was an awesome moment. Coming back into the dugout after that I just felt the girls being so proud and happy that all our hard work was coming through for us right when we needed it.

“What a great day to be alive and be a Duck,” I texted to former Duck softball player Joanna Gail after the game; she replied, “amen friend. Enjoy it.” Most of all I think we’re all just proud of one another for playing so united and letting all of our hard work come through to help us play what was undoubtedly some of the best softball we’ve played all year.

And we are thrilled to be moving on. We’ve congratulated ourselves on accomplishing the goal we’d set for ourselves before the season began. We said we wanted to go where we’d never been before; to the NCAA Super Regionals.  We took control of our destiny and made our goal a reality. I’m so proud of this team (as if you couldn’t tell,) but we’re not done yet.

Whoever we play, at whatever stadium, on whichever day, they better lookout because the Ducks are in the process of updating our season goals and we’re not looking back.

While watching Sportscenter last night, I caught one of the Celtics basketball players talking about the play-offs and his teams’ approach. He was saying how one of his teammates had been saying since the beginning of the off-season that they were going to “win the whole thing” and how he had come to believe it. I think that’s where we are now. We’ve proved to ourselves that if we believe it we can make it happen.

If you’re reading this we thank you so much for your support and we’ll look forward to bringing you updates and news from the road this next weekend as we go try to prove ourselves again. It’s a whole new ballgame, and we’ll be ready. GO DUCKS!


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