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Saturday's Duck Cast
Friday, November 12, 2:10 p.m., PDT

The results have certainly gone Oregon’s way through the opening nine games of the season, and outside of a freakish deluge complete with thunder and lightning in Knoxville, the weather the Ducks have faced has been some of the best in recent memory.

So will it continue? For that we turn to Oregon AMS chapter president Bobby Corser and the official Duck Cast:

"We all remember Lake Berkeley forming the last time the Oregon Ducks played at California. The good news is that no lake will be forming this time around. The weather looks absolutely perfect for a football game in the Bay Area. Sunny skies and maybe a high cloud or two will grace Strawberry Canyon for this important Pac-10 game. Temperature at kickoff will be in the mid 60's!  A light wind coming off the bay will cool it down as the game goes along. If you are heading to the game, take a light sweatshirt for after kickoff, and enjoy one of the most beautiful views from any Pac-10 stadium. Go Ducks!"

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