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No Changes at the Top
Sunday, November 14, 10:45 p.m. PT

Between the end of the game Saturday night and Sunday morning, no fewer than three people asked me if the Ducks would still be number one come Sunday night. My reaction each time was a combination of disbelief and laughter.

Why wouldn't they still be the top team in the land? Because Auburn won a home game against Georgia by a larger margin than Oregon defeated Cal on the road? Any win against a conference rival late in the season is big. An impressive win by the Tigers (11-0, 7-0 SEC) over the Bulldogs (5-6, 3-5 SEC) is nothing to take lightly, but I'd argue UO's win against the Bears (6-6, 3-4 Pac-10) at Memorial Stadium was equal to, if not more impressive.

I understand that we've all grown accustomed to the "point-a-minute" Oregon offense and how they have put up monster numbers against everyone, including the likes of Stanford and USC. But give Cal some credit. They demonstrated why they lead the Pac-10 and rank No. 10 in the NCAA in total defense, and when you consider they had not lost a home game to anyone other than USC or Oregon State since October 2003 (37-0 against all other teams), 15-13 looks just fine.

Okay, climbing down from my soapbox. My answer, after regaining my composure, was yes. And it turns out the Ducks indeed are still No. 1.

For the third straight week, Oregon (10-0, 7-0 Pac-10) leads in the BCS standings while running its overall streak in the top spot of the three human polls to five. Oregon's BCS average increased from .9638 to .9753, and its lead over No. 2 Auburn (.9687) also got a bump from .0027 to .0066.

UO is also ranked first in the AP, USA Today (coaches) and Harris Interactive top 25 polls. The Ducks' 46 first-place votes from the coaches were down four from last week. The Harris poll saw 28 voters switching their first-place votes from Oregon to another team, but UO's 65 is still 30 more than No. 2 Auburn. Those two human polls make up two-thirds of the formula along with the an average of six computer rankings.

There was no movement among the top 10 teams in the BCS standings from a week ago. TCU (11-0), Boise State (9-0), LSU (9-1), Stanford (9-1), Wisconsin (9-1), Nebraska (9-1), Ohio State (9-1) and Oklahoma State (9-1) remained third through tenth, respectively.

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