About the Moshofsky Center

The Mo, as it is affectionately reffered to by students and staff, spans a height of 70 feet at its tallest point. The sparkling indoor facility includes a full-length artificial football surface, a synthetic four-lane 120-meter running track and an attached Duck Shop souvenir retail outlet. Not only is it the ideal solution for the University's football team to work out during inclement weather, but plays host to eight of the 16 intercollegiate sports.

An automated system of nets can be lowered within minutes to convert the structure into a batting cage for the baseball and softball teams or provide a driving range for the men's and women's golf teams. In addition, the center features full climate control to allow for simulated heat, humidity, and wind, as well as crowd simulation. The center also hosts an auxiliary medical treatment center, catering services, meeting and storage facilities, and an athlete lounge.

But the school's student-athletes aren't the only ones to benefit from this unique facility. On days in which the Ducks' football team is playing next door in Autzen Stadium, the Moshofsky Sports Center is converted into one of the largest indoor tailgate gatherings in the country. The building can hold up to 5,000 football fans before and after each home game.


The first indoor practice facility on the West Coast became a reality, thanks in large part to Ed and Elaine Moshofsky, with the groundbreaking taking place in March 1997.

Ed was a 1943 Oregon business graduate and three-year starter as an offensive and defensive lineman, before breaking into the lumber business. He started Moshofsky Enterprises in 1951 and became CEO of Fort Hill Lumber Company before retiring in 1990. His wife was a 1947 Oregon State graduate and former school teacher.

Formulating ideas for the ideal facility by visiting several similar models throughout the country, the 117,000 square-foot spectacle was constructed at a cost close to $15 million, which also included two grass practice fields and one soccer competition field west of the Moshofsky and Casanova Centers.

The football practice fields have been named after Oregon alum Pat Kilkenny, while the soccer field is named in honor of Randy and Susie Papé.