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Team Blog - Oregon Cross Country

Lanie Thompson: Putting the "Fun" in FUN-river

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Greetings Duck fans!  One year later and we're back in the good old Sunriver, or as we like to call it, FUNriver!  Yes, that is super-corny but super true.  It's true because after an entire summer away from each other, our team is finally reunited!

 I honestly think some of us had withdrawal symptoms from not running with each other, and now that we are all together again in Sunriver, the excitement is simply uncontrollable.  There has not been a silent moment on any of our runs because there is so much to catch up on!

When you think about it, isn't that what makes running such a unique and special sport; to be able to simultaneously train seriously and have fun chatting up a storm?  When we go on a run, we are taking it seriously in the sense that we run the right amount of miles at the right pace, but there is an entirely different side to running.

Any runner can comment on what a weight it is off the shoulders to go out on a run and vent on whatever is on their mind.  Every day, we have the chance to not only train and work towards our goals, but talk about anything, and in doing so, we truly get to know one another.   I guess this whole running thing really does have its benefits!

As I mentioned above, our team understands each other on a pretty deep level.  Yes we are all runners and that is such an important part of our lives, but there is definitely more to each of us than the running aspect.  That's why, little by little throughout the time here at Sunriver, I thought I'd give you readers a little inside scoop into the Oregon Women's Cross Country Team by letting you get to know us a little more.  Last year when I was writing this blog, I talked about the support we receive from the community and how it fuels us at meets and races, which will definitely remain true for this year.  But hopefully after this year's blog, you'll know a little more about the Lady Ducks that you are cheering for! 

Now this is going to be pretty open-ended, I've left it up to the girls to decide what they wanted to share.  It may range from a fun fact or funny story to something as simple as a favorite meal or interesting hobby.  I thought it would only be suiting to start with our newcomers; Molly Grabill from California, Allie Woodward from Wisconsin, and Kimber Mattox from Oregon.

Molly, a freshman who grew up in San Diego, is actually originally from Cincinnati, where both her parents went to college and now her sister goes to school, so let's be glad she chose to be different and come to Oregon!  Molly was a soccer player most of her life and told me that she thought she was going to be the next Mia Hamm, the now retired but very famous player.  Even though that dream most likely won't come true anymore, I'd say Molly is in a pretty good place for some other dreams to come true.

Allie, another freshman, is from the Green Bay Packers' home turf of Wisconsin, making her an avid Green Bay fan, but I try not to hold that against her considering I am a huge New York Giants fan myself!  Allie has pretty much dabbled in a little bit of everything when it comes to hobbies and sports.  She has played piano since she was six, danced competitively for twelve years, and she was on a state winning tennis team in her high school days.  We are excited to see this varied background be applied to cross country and track and field and we look forward to watching her success throughout her time here at the U of O.

Kimber, a transfer from Willamette, is able to call the beautiful town of Bend, Oregon, home. We are extremely lucky to have Kimber on the squad this year, and I'm not just saying this because she is a fellow steeplechaser, although that is definitely a plus.  Before Kimber started running track, her time was filled with cooking and restaurant management competitions, which hopefully means the team will experience some of this delicious cooking!  Not only this, but Kimber's family is so big that for Thanksgiving, they eat in a cafeteria!  My guess is she'll have no problem adjusting to the size of the Oregon track team!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for some updates on how camp at Sunriver is going and some more fun facts about the team!  Go Ducks!

Lanie T.