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Trudie du Toit: Our First Week

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hi there Duck Fans!  It's your senior Trudie du Toit reporting on the first week of practice of the new year.  All the girls have returned from the corners of the earth and are ready for a new season.  With three freshman and eight returners we came into two a day practices with enthusiasm for the upcoming season and nervous excitement from those who do not yet know what to expect.  Our first week of practice started last Wednesday with a mile conditioning test followed by a morning and afternoon practice.  Thursday morning brought with it a second conditioning test, morning and afternoon then practice.  It was an incredible start to the year as everyone who ran not only passed the tests but did so in impressive times - a reflection of hard individual work over the summer.  Friday introduced us to our new nutritionist between morning and afternoon practice and we learnt the basics, or rather the essentials of a good meal and fuelling up for practices and matches.  After Saturday morning practice we had the rest of the day as well as Sunday off to enjoy the football game and prepare our assignments for Monday.   

Each class was given an assignment by Paul and Maja to present on Monday.  Freshman wrote about their expectations and hopes for their college careers, sophomores wrote a reflection on what they learnt in their freshman year and the four upperclassman, including myself, had an open-ended assignment which we decided to fulfill with a rhythmic poem.  The title of the assignment was "Being a Duck" and captured what it meant to each of us to be a Duck.  The pride and dedication that each member on our team has was reflected in the assignments and was truly inspirational.  

Today we took on our second annual team scavenger hunt.  Split into three teams we were armed only with a disposable camera and a list of things to capture, ranging from a team member hugging a stranger to capturing all team members in a photo with a squirrel.  My team and I quickly learnt that squirrels are seen all over campus, except when you are looking for them!  The Scavenger hunt lasted an hour, doubling as afternoon conditioning and rightfully so.  Luckily our enthusiasm and excitement gave us the energy needed to run across campus and capture some fun photos, and the fact that it was a competition certainly helped!  We have only two days of two a day practices remaining before we head to the coast for our team camping trip for which we are all very excited! 

Go Ducks!