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Pepsi Team Invitational Quotes
Release Date: 04/06/2013
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Pepsi Invitational Meet
April 6, 2013
Eugene, Ore.- Hayward Field


Oregon Head Coach Robert Johnson
On the meet today...
"It was a great meet on the men's side. To have our #4 team go out and beat the #1 men's team in the nation in Texas A&M was really good for us. On the flip side to have us, the #1 team get beat by the #4 team in Texas A&M on the women's side was not the best. We will have to have to go back to the drawing board on that one." 
"We had some mishaps that weren't traditionally us. Such as not putting a yellow jersey in front of a purple jersey or diving to the finish line. I think we left six, seven, eight points out there and its just things we will talk about in practice."

On performances that stuck out to him...
"Jillian Weir placing first in the hammer was great and Greg Skipper in the hammer. It was a funny thing that I watched him in practice this week throw over 50 feet and to have that come to fruition today was great." 
"In the 5000M for Parker Stinson and Jeramy Elkaim to go out as teammates and help each other through the race was great."

On Jordan Hasay...
"How great was that for her to come out and run the 1500 after running the 10K last week. We always put our stars out there if we can at home and for us to put her in the 1500M instead of the 5000M and win was great."

On what's next...
"We have little things we can work on now in practice and fix while its early in the season."

Texas A&M Head Coach Pat Henry
On the team's performance...
"We did some things on the men's side that we need to do better in the future."

"You come to a meet like this so your athletes can learn and see how they contribute to the team."

"We ran our relays well today. We didn't do anything spectacular timewise, but we beat the competition."


Women Javelin Throw
3rd Place-Liz Brenner (Oregon)
On her throws…
“I still need more time to practice. I didn’t get in as much time practicing as I wanted during Spring Break because I was in Australia with the volleyball team. It was okay considering the cold and the rain, but I just hate losing.” 

On what to improve on…
“It’s just a technique that I need to keep working on and that’ll come with practicing a billion times.” 

Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase
1st Place-Henry Lelei (Texas A&M)
On his win…
“I was not expecting this. I am very happy. Compared to last year, I have grown.”

On his goals for the season…
“I just want the NCAA title. I want to grow and I have work to do to get there.”

On his senior year…
“This is my last season so I am going to just try to win for my team and then I will move from there and see what else is out there for me.”

Women 1500 Meter Run
1st Place-Jordan Hasay (Oregon)
On her win…
“It was a great opportunity because I only have a few more chances to run in front of this crowd in this uniform.”

On competing...
“I get a little nervous before races, but I know when I step on that start line, the crowd will be cheering and supporting me.”

On preparing for the NCAA National Track Championship…
“I’ve got tough weeks of training ahead for me. We’re looking further down the road and I’d love to have a victory lap at Nationals.”

“My fitness is a lot better than I showed in the race. I’m excited to red line a little bit more instead of jogging for the first laps. I’m planning on running mostly at my 10,000 meter pace.”

2nd Place-Rebecca Friday (Oregon)
On her race…
“It was really good. I’ve been trying to get out at the front and keep it in the last 200 so today was really good.”

On her goals for the season…
“I am trying to be top 3 in every race. What I have been doing in practice has really been paying off so I’ll just keep practicing and keep going at it tough. My main focus is the 1500, but do a couple more 800s. I am really looking forward to Penn.”

Men 1500 Meter Run
1st Place-Joey Bywater (Washington)
On the pace of the race…
“I kind of expected the pace to be a little faster and 300M in it slowed down a lot and then slowed down to almost a 5K pace so I knew eventually the pace would explode. I was getting antsy with 600M left, but I waited until the home stretch and then gave it all I had.”

On passing Elijah Greer
“I was trying to catch him on the backstretch, but then I couldn’t pass him on the curve so I had to wait until the final stretch and I had just enough to get ahead of him.” 

Men Javelin Throw
1st Place- Sam Humphreys (Texas A&M)
On his throws today…
“I took three throws today. I am just getting used to the runway before Nationals.” 

On the weather…
“The weather for trials is like this so you just have to get used to it. I just tune it out.” 

On competing against Sam Crouser
“He’s great competition, we are good friends. I like competing against him, we both push each other to do better.”

Women 200 Meter Dash
2nd Place-English Gardner
On competing...
"I felt like I had the upper hand today. I train in this weather all the time so I am used to it. I just have to come out and pretend it doesn't bother me. On the inside though I was miserable. It was really wet and sprinters like it to be hot and dry. It's a game, but track is all about getting over obstacles and putting on a show for the crowd."

"I had fun today. It was great to compete with such great competition out here. Today, the lion was fed a little bit."

Men 110 Meter Hurdles
1st Place-Johnathan Cabral 
On his double today...
"It was interesting, but also a little painful. It was a good learning experience."

On his goals for today...
"I wanted to come out and pr in the 400 and I managed to do just that today."

On the weather...
"I have ran a lot here so I am used to it. I just know I have to come out under any condtions, whether it's rainy or against tough competition. I come out agressive and get after every thing myself. I have to run my hardest no matter what the condtions are."

Women's Hammer Throw
1st Place- Jillian Weir (Oregon)
On her hammer throw today...
"I felt good today at the hammer throw, throwing over 190 twice. I was a little worried after I fouled on my first throw, but then I did well." 

On competing in three events today...
"Today was pretty difficult going from the shot put to the hammer throw then the discus in this weather. It was the hardest rain we have had in the past week, but we made it work." 
"I was going out there to get as many points as I could for my team." 

Men 5000 Meter Run
1st Place- Jeramy Elkaim (Oregon)
On running a victory lap at Hayward Field...
"It feels amazing to be a Duck, it felt great to win and do a victory lap at Hayward Field. We have the best fans in the country." 

On running with Parker Stinson...
"We decided after the first 400M that we would seal up the one-two win and try and get the regional qualifying time and we got that."

On starting the outdoor season...
"It was a good way to start the season. Conditions were key for us. There was no wind and it stopped raining right before our race." 

Women 800 Meter Run
1st Place-Laura Roesler
On winning...
"I went out and executed my race plan."

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