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Oregon vs. California Postgame Quotes
Release Date: 01/09/2014
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Oregon Coach Dana Altman
On what went wrong defensively…
“A lot of things. We just didn’t seem to have much bounce. We gave up a lot of easy baskets right from the start. Our guys were prepared and ready to play, we just didn’t execute defensively.”

On the teams effort…
“It just looked like our guys didn’t know what they wanted to do, which is a little surprising because we’ve worked on a lot of things. We just were way behind on a lot of plays and made a lot of mistakes.”

On responding to adversity…
“We haven’t responded very well the last couple ballgames. We didn’t get any stops down the stretch against Colorado and we didn’t get any stops tonight. So we haven’t responded very well the last couple of games where earlier in the year we did a pretty good job.”

On Joseph Young
“I thought offensively he played pretty well but defensively he didn’t play very well. Offensively, I thought he did some good things but defensively he let a lot of things go, like all our guys did.”


#0 Mike Moser
On how the team will overcome the adversity from the previous two losses…
“We definitely need to start soul searching. We need to revaluate and stay focused.  If we keep letting players score on us it is going to be tough to win games.”

On whether the team defensive struggle is in his head…
“Maybe a little bit but at the same time I am not going to lie. We had a freshman, who really was not a big part of our scouting report, and he had thirty-two points. These are the types of things we need to prevent. There were a lot of easy baskets as well. We got out of position and fouled more than we wanted to. Those things lead to points as well and those are the things we need to work on and clean up.”

On if he feels comfortable playing the center position…
“I do. At the same time it is tough when you have a seven-footer and have to back those kind of guys down.  It is tough, but I think I am adjusting the best I can.”

#3 Joseph Young
On if this is an important time to have a few days off after two consecutive conference losses…
“We need to bounce back regarding some of the easy things. We need to get together as a team and talk about what we did wrong and find a way to fix it.”


Head Coach Mike Montgomery
On Cal’s offensive execution…
“They (Oregon) were very aggressive. We didn’t actually run a lot of set stuff. They were very aggressive on over-play, so it opened up some lanes for us. We were able to get inside. It was a little bit like what happened at Stanford to start with Tyrone (Wallace) and Jordan (Matthews) really shooting the ball. 32 points on the road for a freshman - that’s pretty good stuff. He kept us going in the first half. They (Oregon) were taking us out of a lot of what we wanted to do. They doubled at the post. We got some good stuff off of that. We just hung in there.”

On what it means to open 2-0 in Pac-12 play…
“It’s a long way to go - there are 16 more games left. It gives us some confidence to know we are capable of beating a good team, first and foremost. I think Oregon is a really good team and Young was obviously very good. I thought we did a good job, by in large."

On his team’s defensive performance…
“We did pick up some turnovers. Knowing what they are trying to run, I thought we did a decent job of creating some turnover situations. They ran a lot of block and rolls and we were switching well. We got in some trouble because they went at the point of attack.”

On the game’s tempo…
“We didn’t have a choice because they pressured everything. They almost force you up the floor. They forced you to go. From their perspective, it’s smart because we have limited personnel and we got pretty tired at one stretch. “

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