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UO v. Stanford, 3-6
Release Date: 04/05/2009
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UO v. Stanford


Eugene, Ore.


Head Coach George Horton

On the team performance:

“I thought we improved our offensive performance. My players still need to have more confidence in themselves. We talked about it in our pre-game meeting. I asked them to get off the scoreboard and play. Today, we could have done a little better in all areas. We definitely have to be more efficient against the Trojans next week. Stanford isn’t the prototypical team. There was no reason today to have any fear. We made as many errors as possible. It’s all about experiencing. They are young athletes and I am proud of them. There were a lot of things that were good today.”


On playing USC in Los Angeles next week:

“It will mean more to me. People who I haven’t seen in a while will be there, my family lives down there, and my grandkids will be in the stands. We also have a number of players from that area. UCS is a very traditional place for baseball. It always feels special to play there. It will be a different level of excitement. In addition to that, we will be playing on a real grass field, instead of the turf. We’ll have a meeting to talk about it this week.”


On KC Serna:

“KC seemed out of it recently. He has always been a successful athlete and here for the first time he was experiencing a failure. We had a three-hour-long meeting with him, and I am very happy to see how much the quality of his work has improved defensively. I apologized to him because I misread him and I was too hard on him. I thought he was arrogant, while he was just trying too hard. I love him to death and he has a chance to become one of the best and most talented players I have ever coached. He will do a lot of great things for this team.”


#6 KC Serna

On the game:

“Momentum is the key for us. We need to learn how to keep the ball going. At some point today, we got into our plan, but it was too late. I told the coach that I was trying to steal the home run and he said okay. I think it’s all about discipline when it comes to controlling the momentum.”


On next week games:

“I am excited to play against UCS. My family and friends will be there cheering me on. This win on Friday against Stanford gave us some more confidence. I know it was just the first game of the whole series, but we know we can win.”


#17 Mitch Karraker

On the game:

“Momentum was a huge part of this game. We struggled today. We had a chance toward the end of the game. Stanford played really well and kept us off-balance.”


On next week games:

“Going to USC we’ll be definitely better. We are playing hard and learning from previous games. USC is definitely a hard place to play at. We will have to be aggressive the whole time.”

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