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Open Season
Thursday, April 16, 4:30 p.m. PT

Ever typed something and hesitated for a split second before committing to it and pressing enter? It might be because you were unsure of the spelling or proper grammatical context (unless it's a blog of course), or perhaps you questioned if you might be going against your own better judgment. I experienced that sensation when typing up a brief injury summary from Week 2 of spring practice, and sure enough, it's sparked three days worth of blog fodder.

One exclusive injury note has morphed into a desire by the athletic department to control all information related to it, and that the Ducks' media policies at spring practice are unreasonable and excessively harsh. Funny how a simple news item can take on a completely different meaning. Not so funny when it began at your own keyboard. The football program provides an injury report for the media's perusal prior to every practice. It does not go into specifics for reasons such as privacy and I should have refrained from doing so as well. Bottom line, I screwed up.

How this led to grousing about Oregon's media policies at practice is a mystery. The new coach is locking out the media? Give me a break. Chip Kelly is one of the most accessible coaches I've ever worked with and has even encouraged people to come watch the Ducks practice on his own blog. Spring practices are open - as they've always been - and reporters can interview players and coaches at the end of practice - as they've always been able to do. The changes we've made from a media standpoint are that all interviews are held after practice, not before AND after, and that media members make their interview requests a day in advance. The first change is because players go directly from meetings to practice and the second helps out from a scheduling and efficiency standpoint. Wow, hardcore stuff.

Now before I dig a deeper hole for myself, let me get back to blogging about uniform combinations and burgers slathered in peanut butter.

But first...

Practice on Saturday will feature the Ducks' first extensive scrimmage of the spring and will be held inside of Autzen Stadium - also a first this spring. The start time of practice is officially 12:30 p.m., but the scrimmage will begin at 1:10.

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