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Road to Eugene '08 Races in Review
Release Date: 08/07/2006
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Junior Women's 2000m: 4 Junior women, all together after one lap, led by Erin Bedell. Bedell gaps the field down the backstraight on the 2nd lap. Bedell is 2:27 at 800 meters, with a 20 meter lead over the chase group of 3, led by Danielle Tauro. Bedell continues to lead after 3 laps in 3:42 with a 30 meter gap over the chase pack of Tauro, Amy Fowler, and Marie Lawrence. Bedell through 1600 meters in 4:56. Tauro and Lawrence are running strong down the backstraight, having dropped Fowler, but they can't close on Bedell. It's getting very dark in the stadium as Bedell hits the finish in about 6:05 with Tauro 2nd and Lawrence 3rd. An uncharacteristic scoreboard malfunction continues as Bedell does the final interview of the night at the finish line and fans file out as the final set of next season's track tickets is given away. Bedell throws a victory t-shirt into the stands and the meet is over.

Men's 1500m: Jason Lunn goes directly to the lead, goes through 300m in 42.5. The runners are already in a long line. Lunn 56.3 at 400 meters. Andrew Bumbalough,Matt Tegenkamp, Said Ahmed and Anthony Famiglietti follow Lunn . AJ Acosta is 3rd from the back. 1:40 with 2 laps to go for the lead pack of 6. 800 meters in 1:54.5 for Lunn. The pack is now 4; Lunn, Tegenkamp, Ahmed, and Bumbalough. Acosta is now 4th from the last. Bumbalough drops out with 500 meters to go. Lunn drops out at the bell. Tegenkamp takes over and Ahmed follows through 1200 meters in 2:53.7. Gabe Jennings is moving well down the backstraight, trying to catch Anthony Famiglietti, who is 3rd, with 200 meters to go. Tegenkamp pulls away from Ahmed down the homestraight to win in 3:36.06. Ahmed, looking over his shoulder, holds on for 2nd in 3:38.31 over a hard-charging Famiglietti (3rd, 3:38.61) with Jennings 4th in 3:38.96. Acosta is 10th of 11 finishers in 3:47.48.

Women's 800m: There is a lengthy delay due to timing. Sara Schaaf, the pacesetter, goes to the lead with Frances Santin and Alice Schmidt 5 meters back at 200 meters. Schaaf is 27.4 at 200 meters. Noble sits 4th on the pole. Santin on Schaaf's shoulder at the bell in 58.00. Rebekah Noble is well back, running on the outside of Lane 1 around the curve. Schmidt goes to the lead with 300 meters to go. Noble in 7th. Tiffany McWilliams edges into 2nd before 600 meters. Schmidt 1:28.7 at 600 meters. Erin Donohue moves to 3rd with 150 meters to go. Schmidt powers away to a big win over McWilliams in 2:00.24, McWilliams 2nd in 2:00.88. Donohue an easy 3rd in 2:02.57 over Santin (2:03.17). Noble is never in it over the last lap and finishes 7th in 2:04.80.

Junior Women's 300m: Jessica Young in Lane 7 atic timing glitch, the ragets out very fast and leads all the way around the curve, with Sa'de Williams, Jessica Beard, and Brandi Cross even, just behind her, coming off the curve. Williams pulls away in the last 50 meters to win in 37.13. Cross is 2nd in 37.55 and Beard, the Junior 400m champ, is 3rd in 37.66. Young ends up 4th in 37.84.

Junior Men's 300m: Jacob Scheurman runs hard down the backstraight and suddenly leaps, hops, and grabs his hamstring, and he's finished. With 120 meters to go, Calvin Smith has a slim lead over Bryshon Nellum in the middle of the track. Smith still leads with 50 meters to go, but Nellum edges by for the win in 33.19. Smith is 2nd in a hotly contested 33.27. Karjuan Williams is 3rd on the outside in 34.08. Scheurman will have to get on a plane to Beijing tomorrow with what could be a major hamstring injury.

Attendance for the meet is at 5962.

Men's 400m Hurdles: Kenneth Ferguson takes the early lead over the first 2 hurdles, then James Carter jumps to the lead around the curve with Joey Woody running well over hurdles 7 and 8. Ferguson comes on strong over the 9th hurdles and takes the lead from Carter before the 10th hurdle and wins easily in 49.47. Carter hangs on over Woody for 2nd in 49.70 to 49.78.

Women's 400m Hurdles: Melanie Walker of Jamaica takes the early lead but everyone is even at the end of the backstraight over the 5th hurdle. Sandra Glover takes the lead over the 7th hurdle and leads easily over 10 hurdles, but Nicole Leach is close. Sheena Johnson closes strongly as Glover falters in the last 30 meters, but hangs on to win in 55.49. Johnson is 2nd in 55.58, and Leach, a USA Jr bound for Beijing tomorrow, is 3rd in 55.70.

Men's 100m: After one call-up but no gun, Jason Smoots gets a great start and leads through 40 meters, then Shawn Crawford takes over but eases up big-time in the last 20 meters to win in 10.15. Smoots 2nd in 10.17. Darvis Patton is 3rd in 10.19. The wind is +1.0. Crawford clearly could have run close to 10.00 if he had powered through the finish.

Women's 200m: Crystal Cox and Me'Lisa Barber jump to the lead and are even after 60 meters, but Barber pulls to the lead off the curve and holds on to win in 22.92. Cox is 2nd in 23.08. Moushaumi Robinson is 3rd in 23.19. The wind is +0.4mps. The homestraight and most of the curve is in the shade. The temperature is idyllic night.

Men 300m: Lashawn Merritt and Matt Scherer get out best and lead through 100 meters. Merritt takes command around the curve and crushes the field to win in 31.31, 2nd fastest time ever. Derrick Brew is 2nd in 32.40 and Darold Williamson in 32.42. Scherer is next in 32.77. Only Michael Johnson has run faster (30.85), apparently at altitude.

Junior Women's 100m: There is a full field of 8 athletes. Kenyanna Wilson in Lane 2 gets the best start and leads through 60 meters as Alexandria Anderson and Gabi Mayo challenge. Mayo edges ahead at the finish in 11.42 and Wilson hangs on for 2nd in 11.43 with Anderson 3rd in 11.46. The wind is +0.5. Mayo anchored the WJR 4x100m earlier in the meet.

(Men's Junior 100m wind was -1.6, not +1.6)

Junior Men's 100m: After 2 call-ups but no gun, Evander Wells in Lane 3 gets out of the blocks first. Brandon Myers seperates himself from the field after 80m and eases across the line in 10.62. Chris Dykes is second in 10.68 and Odell Harris is 3rd in 10.69. The wind is + 1.6mps.

Men's 110m Hurdles: After false start by Aubrey Herring, he gets away best in the re-start, but Robby Hughes in Lane 4 takes control mid-race and wins by .10 in 13.37. There is a blanket finish in lanes 5-8. Allen Johnson 2nd in 13.47, edging Herring (13.48) and Ryan Wilson (13.50). The wind is +0.4. Dennis Martin is the better Junior, 7th in 13.73.

Women's 100m Hurdles: Danielle Carruthers out to a fast start, leads over 3 hurdles, but LoLo Jones comes on strong in mid-race and runs away to win in 12.70, followed by Carruthers in 12.81, and Joanna Hayes gets up for 3rd in her first outdoor race of the season in 12.92. The flags are not blowing, so the wind appears to be legal.

Junior Men's 4 x 100m Relay: USA Red, anchored by Wilie Perry, wins in 39.43 over USA Blue in 40.29.

Junior Women's 4x 100m Relay: USA Blue runs World Junior Record 43.29 to win over USA Red (43.78). Winning team members include Bianca Knight, Jeneba Tarmoh, ELizabeth Olear, Gabi Mayo. Old WJR was 43.38 by USA in 1999.



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