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Final Round Quotes
Release Date: 04/25/2007
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Pac-10 Golf Championship Quotes 4-24-07 


Oregon senior Eric Hastings:

“I felt I played pretty well today. Yesterday I didn’t have that good of a day so it was my goal to just come out today focused, get into a nice rhythm and accomplish more than yesterday.” 

On Regionals:

“Hopefully we’ll get in, but I think at this point that main thing is being consistent. We get ahead of ourselves sometimes and we just need to focus on doing well as a team versus individually. We need to build on our confidence and then hopefully take it into Regionals.” 

Oregon junior Joey Benedetti

“I’m definitely disappointed since yesterday we had two bad rounds but today went a little better. It’s disappointing because we’re on our home course, it’s not an opportunity that comes along very often. I just hope that the rest of the guys can finish out strong and we don’t dwell on it.” 

“I think this has just been a reality check especially after yesterday. All the teams we are competing against are very good, but we just need to work hard if we get to Regionals and make the most of it.” 

Stanford Coach Conrad Ray:

“I thought over all that we played pretty solid. Now we’re just looking forward to moving onto Regionals.” 

“I’d give us a fair grad. We had high expectations, but I think it was a good tournament and we played well.” 

Oregon Head Coach Casey Martin:

“I’m proud of the guys; we’re not used to seeing the course like it was this week. Obviously I’m not happy with the results but our guys are competing and I’m really proud of them.” 

“It’s been a humbling week for us. I think for us to do well we need to do well as a team and everyone needs to come out and play well and hopefully now we make it to Regionals.” 

“USC was really remarkable today, especially playing on a tough golf course like this. They’re just loaded with great kids and I’m really happy for them.” 

Oregon junior Derek Sipe:

“For the last day I feel that we brought it back a little bit. We didn’t play to our ability but I think we still saved a little bit of pride.”

“We just need to have the ability to play all together. We haven’t been consistent all year but we’re mentally getting tougher.” 

“As far as Regionals go, anything can happen and we’re hoping that we’ll go and make something special happen. We’ve played well on that course before so hopefully we can just get some momentum going and take it from there.”

Tournament winner USC freshman Jamie Lovemark:

“I don’t think I had the best start. Some of the pins were pretty tough but coming into the tournament we knew we didn’t have to force anything.” 

“The win hasn’t really hit me yet, but overall this is just a big day for USC Golf, we haven’t won this tournament since 2002.” 

“It’s been a long day but I just stayed focused, taking one shot at a time.” 

USC Head Coach Chris Zambri:

“I thought today went great. We want to be recognized as one of the best teams in the country and to prove ourselves we need to come out and play the way we did this week. We prove ourselves everyday and we did that today, it’s very exciting.” 

“Today I told the guys to go out and play the way they played the first day. We knew we couldn’t get ahead of ourselves otherwise we would build anxiety and I think the guys did well staying focused.” 

“It’s important to play great. It’s good experience to know that we can shoot those types of scores.”


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