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Ucci Blog: Countdown to Opening Night
Release Date: 01/14/2011
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Assistant Coach Angela Ucci: Week One of Acrobatics and Tumbling Practice

Well we are one week away from our season opener on the road at Baylor University. This 4th ranked team has already knocked off the number 3 team, so we are opening big and can’t let our guard down! I think this team is ready for the challenge; everyone seems to have a bit of a fire under them, and is ready to be let out of the cage!

This Saturday the 15th we are showcasing our team routine at Springfield HS to work out the final kinks, and make sure everyone has their jitters out. This will allow us to make any final changes in that event before we compete in our first meet.

Our team is looking great so far.  We just solidified our team routine event this past week and rookies Zakia Houston and Tsutae Johnson were an integral part of the routine construction. The upperclassmen have been doing a great job at preparing the rookies for the first meet.  Practices have been light in mood; everyone has been coming in and getting their job done with no major hiccups.  Seniors Ashley Dawson and Mercedez Toles are always good for a laugh. Returners Julia Magdelino and Keenyn Won always have some new dance move to show us at the beginning of practice.  Freshmen Natasha Katzaroff and Erin Block are working extra hard to land their tumbling passes, as they will be representing us in 2 of the 3 individual tumbling events.

Everyone has fallen into routine with their new classes and is working on getting used to tutor schedules that just started this week.  All in all I think we are in great shape for this next weekend! I’ll check in on the road! GO DUCKS!

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