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Blog Spot with Kaitlin Pasko
Release Date: 03/03/2010
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Hello all!!  I’m going to switch things up a little today and give you more of an hourly schedule I, like my teammates, go through each week.  So last week we left off with the great news of our win against St. Bonaventure on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2010.  After the win I went home showered and headed over to Mac court for the very first Stunts and Gymnastic meet.  It was a lot of fun and exciting to see what the meet consisted of.  After that I headed over to study hall and worked on homework from about 5pm-8pm then headed home for dinner and to go to bed!  Monday morning we had off from practice so I slept in until about 9am, headed over to the Cas for treatment, then went to class from 10-3:30.  After class I headed back to study hall for more homework.  Tuesday morning we were back at practice from 6am-9am.  I then had a meeting from 11-12, studied until 4 when I went to class until 5:20, and finally headed home for dinner and to get some sleep.  Wednesday the schedule was very similar, still practice 6am-9am, class 10-320, study hall, dinner, packing, then bed.  Thursday morning we woke up around 630, caught the bus from the Cas and drove up to Portland for a flight across country at 11am.  We landed in North Carolina at 11pm, checked into the hotel, and went to sleep.  The next morning we had a team breakfast, then a light practice/walk through, got lunch, and played our game at 6 pm.  We unfortunately had our first loss of the season to UNC but we learned a lot and had to keep our heads up because we had another game less than 48 hours later.  After the game we ate dinner and got to visit with any family or friends that came down for the game, then went to bed.  Saturday morning we woke up at about 830am packed our bags, ate breakfast, and hit the road again for a three-hour drive to Williamsburg Virginia.  On the bus we watched two hours of film on our next opponent so we knew what to expect.  When we arrived in Williamsburg we went straight to the field and had practice.  After practice, we drove to our hotel and checked in.  We all had about 2 hours to relax, shower, visit with family again, do homework, whatever we needed to do.  We then went to dinner and got to relax again and spend some time with teammates or family.  Sunday morning we had to be up at 7am, to eat a team breakfast and get ready for our next game.  At about 915 we had to have all of our bags packed and put on the bus, and we left for our game at William and Mary.  We unfortunately had another loss, and are now 2-2 this season.  After the game our parents threw a great tailgate in which we were able to eat sandwiches and pack some snacks for the plane ride back to Eugene.  Around 230pm we left and headed to Richmond airport to fly back into Portland.  We landed at about 1030 and got back to Eugene at about 1 am.  Monday morning we had the day off from practice but most of us spent the day catching up on schoolwork and going to class.  It was definitely a hard weekend but we are all back at it again working hard in practice to come away from this coming weekend with a win! 
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