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Oregon Ducks Football Blog
Tuesday, July 22 - 5:15 p.m.

Greetings and welcome to the inaugural post of the Oregon Football Blog. I can hear the rumblings and grumblings traveling through cyberspace already: Another blog! I'm running out of room on my browser for another bookmark! Pretty soon my day job is going to consist of 7 hours of blog reading and 1 hour of actual productivity! Why is this blog any different than what's already out there? Etc., etc., etc.

Well, for starters (just a warning, you'll come to find that I start far too many typed sentences with the word "well"), the authors of this particular new media vehicle sit less than 50 paces from the UO football office, which leads to unprecedented access to the information you want to know about. In addition, we have the ability to break exclusive news, something we plan on using this blog to do. And we have far too much time on our hands in the media services office not to add blogging to the daily routine (tongue firmly placed in cheek).

But seriously, we can't think of a better way in this day and age to keep you, the fan, informed. Now, we can't promise to provide every single morsel of news or potential newsworthy item, and we have no desire fuel speculation or run a rumor mill, but something tells me there are enough different flavors in the blogosphere to satisfy all types of college football cravings.

It's not a coincidence that we've decided to fire this thing up in advance of Thursday's Pac-10 Media Day. For what I assume are mostly budgetary reasons, very few local media make the yearly trek to L.A. for this event, so hopefully we can pick up the slack and provide some insight. Posts from La La Land will begin upon our Wednesday arrival.

In the meantime, this blog needs a nickname. I don't know whether or not the current title will remain permanent or not, but personally I find that typing and posting these things flows much better when referencing them by some kind of catchy handle. For that I'm requesting your assistance. Please send any and all suggestions to If your entry is deemed the winner, you'll be rewarded - barring any potential NCAA rules complications - with an autographed first edition copy of the 2008 University of Oregon Football Media Guide. Autographed by who, you ask? That will have to be a surprise.