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Oregon Football Again League's Toughest Ticket
Tuesday, February 23, 10:45 a.m. PST

The official NCAA attendance numbers for the 2009 college football season were released yesterday and the University of Oregon ranked fourth in the Pac-10 and outside of the top 30 nationally. But a closer look at the numbers reveals that watching the Ducks play at Autzen Stadium was the toughest ticket in the conference, if not the country.

Of the Pac-10’s ten teams, Oregon was the only one to sell out every home game, and subsequently, average a sellout or better last season. This isn’t a new development – UO has hosted 68 consecutive sellouts – but it serves as a reminder as to why Autzen is considered one of the sport’s best venues.

Based on percentage of the stadium capacity, Oregon ranked first in the conference. If Autzen held 100,000, would UO still sell out? Not on an every game basis, but considering the local market size in relation to current capacity, there is no disputing that local fans love their Ducks.

2009 PAC-10 HOME ATTENDANCE (Percentage of Stadium Capacity)
School (Capacity), Avg., % of Cap.
1. Oregon (54,000), 58,544, 108.4%
2. Oregon State (45,674), 42,328, 92.7%
3. Arizona (57,400), 52,555, 91.6%
4. USC (93,607), 84,799, 90.6%
5. Washington (72,500), 64,356, 88.8%
6. Stanford (50,000), 41,436, 82.9%
7. California (71,799), 59,472, 82.8%
8. Washington St. (35,117), 25,909, 73.8%
9. UCLA (91,500), 64,547, 70.5%
10. Arizona State (71,705), 48,556, 67.7%

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