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Predictions, Team Players of the Week
Monday, October 11, 2:00 p.m. PT

The weekly Duck Feed predictions went off the tracks Saturday on the Palouse. After such a strong start, I suppose it was only a matter of time. But we'll utilize the bye week for some fine tuning, and as disappointing and embarrassing the results feel now, we should be completely over it by the time next Thursday rolls around and the Ducks kickoff the second half of the regular season vs. UCLA.

To the picks:

1. Nate Costa will have a career-long rushing attempt.
Correct. Costa's wheels are often undervalued and WSU's struggles stopping the run made his 43-yard run seem almost - dare I say - predictable.

2. Oregon will score within its first seven touches of the football.
Incorrect. It took a ridiculous 13 plays (in 4 minutes and 14 seconds!) to cover the 80 yards necessary for the touchdown. No style points for that.

3. The point-a-minute Ducks are back.
Incorrect. Things were going smoothly with 36 points through the first 34:51, but a single touchdown over the final 25:09 killed this pick.

4. Cliff Harris intercepts a pass for the third straight game.
Incorrect. He was close on a couple of breakups, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades..

5. Remene Alston Jr. or Andres Reed sets a career high in rushing yards.
Incorrect. I assumed the second half of this game would resemble the second half of last year's meeting with WSU, but the Cougs are most definitely improved and they forced UO to keep the first stringers on the field for the duration. The 2010 Ducks are probably one of the rare teams that can put the ball on the floor three times and come away with a 20-point win. Don't expect the next road team to do that to leave Pullman with a victory.

Weekly mark: 1-4 (.200) • Season mark: 20-11 (.645)

The game has been played, the film has been studied, and the Oregon coaching staff has determined the team's top performers for Game 6. Following is a list of last week's game ball winners:

Offense: Nate Costa (13-15-0, 151 yds, TD passing; 8-84, TD rushing)
Defense: Casey Matthews (interception, 1.0 TFL, 5 tackles)
Special Teams: Cliff Harris (67-yard punt return for a TD)
Offensive Scout: Dane Ebanez
Defensive Scout: Keloni Kamalani
Special Teams Scout: Marcus Davis

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