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Oregon vs. California Postgame Quotes
Release Date: 09/29/2013
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Postgame Quotes
Oregon vs. California, 55-16


Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich
In regards to defense...

"Defense was awesome, it set the tempo in every regard. We got a couple lucky bounces with the ball handling conditions that didn’t turn into turnovers but one that did. Can’t say enough about our effort, especially in the first half. You know we let things slide a little bit there in the fourth quarter. They got a bunch of their starters back in and we need to finish the game better. Had a couple substitution problems there that we need to clean up but overall outstanding effort by our defense."
On forcing pressure on Cal’s Fr. QB...
"I think we kind of our plan to change up the looks, make it look like a 3-man rush seem like a 6-man pressure. To make them earn it is key."
On Bralon Addison...
"Really set the tone in the second-half in a big way there. That one in the 3rd quarter was awesome, we covered huge blocks down the field. It was a team effort and that was something we really hammered home last week."
"11 guys run the ball, 11 guys play defense, 11 people on special teams have to do their job to make one of their plays happen."
On Marshall being go-to guy...
"Definitely, he needs to control the ball a little bit better there a couple times and like I said, we got a little lucky a couple times there. We have a ton of confidence in Byron, he had an exceptional fall camp there and needs to keep developing."

Oregon Defensive Coordinator Nick Aliotti
On playing in the wet conditions…
“It really didn’t change much at all. We had all sorts of disguises but we never even used any of them because the weather was so horrible and they got off to about as bad as start as you can. They really didn’t give themselves a chance which was probably more of a function of them than us.”

On overall performance…
“It is funny how when you win 55-16 you should be jumping up and down but I wasn’t happy at the end of the game with the substitutions. At the end there we didn’t have the right people in. I know in a blow out it doesn’t matter that much but those things come back to bite you. Remember, we are trying to run away from good to be great.”



QB Marcus Mariota
On the weather conditions during the game…
“Obviously there were times tonight when the rain was really coming down, but that can’t be an excuse that’s something you have to deal with. I’ve been playing in the rain since I was a little kid so that didn’t really bother me. I think that offensively we executed as well as we could.”

On having his family present at the game…
“My mom and my grandma were here tonight. It was the first time that my mom’s been out here since this season started. It meant the world having them here.”

On his teammates Byron Marshall and Thomas Tyner
“Byron [Marshall] came in and stepped up after De’Anthony [Thomas]. That was great to see that we have a dependable back up in him, he did a really great job. Thomas [Tyner] did the same thing and I think with each game and practice you really see Thomas [Tyner] grow and he is really going to be a special player.”

C Hroniss Grasu
On playing in the rain…
“Definitely the craziest conditions since I’ve been here, but it was fun and a good experience. It was very mental. We tried to have fun with it. There are no excuses. I thought we did a great job.”

“For me, I was having a little trouble gripping the ball in snaps, but I think we got back there all right.”

On the best part of the victory…
“Coming out here, a lot of teams could have made excuses with this weather, but we did a great job. We set a standard for ourselves and we met that standard.”

DB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu
On how they handled the weather…
“Preparation. We just think about putting the outside elements away and think about working hard. It’s what you have to do. Tonight, we were able to put it away and play to the best of our ability.”

On forcing turnovers…
“As a team we were able to swarm to the ball. Around every play we had about five or six guys. So when the ball came out, we were just always the guys to be the ones to pick it up. When we came out and it was raining, I just gave the defense the inside that we need to force turnovers and that it was going to be a lot easier to create turnovers because the ball was going to be wet. So we really talked about each drive as a secondary that we need to force turnovers and that was going to be a big impact on the game.”

WR Bralon Addison
On playing in the rain…
“I think we showed a lot of discipline and maturity as a team tonight. I think it was said that this is one of the worst rainy days we’ve had in Eugene in a long time. We came out, we had a couple of mistakes but we didn’t put our heads down. We kept fighting.”

“Coach Helfirch said it was perfect circumstances. We can’t worry about what we can’t control. We just need to come out and play no matter what.”

On the team’s first touchdown on a punt return this season…
“As a team you can see we were happy we finally got a touchdown on a punt return. Coach Osbourne has been talking about it for the past three weeks. We’ve been one block away, and tonight everyone finished their jobs. We did a great job of staying focused all week and working hard on special teams. Those guys did their job and I did mine and we just celebrated as a team.”

RB Byron Marshall
On adjusting for the rain…
“We knew we were going to have to run more than normal with 100 percent chance of rain. The coaches adjusted on the fly a little bit and we had to take what the defense was giving us and what the weather was giving us and just go from there.”

“I’m still going to run the same. I can’t let it affect me. We can’t control the weather, we can only control how we play, so I’m still going to come out with my same game. It’s a process but we just have to keep working.”

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