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NCU at Oregon quotes
Release Date: 10/27/2013
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Head coach Dana Altman
Opening statement…

“Well, it’s a start. We have a lot of things we need to work on from this game that we knew we needed to work on. Rebounding would be the most obvious. We’re trying to blend a lot of new guys together. I think you see some of the talented players we have coming in that I think will be able to get better and better as they play together. We’ve got to do a better job inside rebounding the ball and finishing some plays, but for the most part, this is an opportunity to get on the floor in front of some people and get started.”

On setting a playing rotation…
“We have a long way to go there. It’s October 27th. A lot of that will be determined in practice. We’ll work through it in November and December and hopefully by the time the conference season gets here we will have the combinations that work best together. I think it’s going to take time for those guys to learn how to play together and work together.”

On the importance of practice this week...
“The following week, we travel and get into Korea without really knowing how much practice we can get done. I think this is the critical week for us. We need to make strides this week.”

On his reaction to Young being declared eligible and his performance tonight…
“Well, I was pretty excited when we got him eligible. He is really a good young man and he works really hard. He wants to be part of the team, and he will be a big part of it. I think he is going to be a good player for us.”

On his thoughts about the teams defense tonight…
“They’re just scratching the surface right now. We’re not using our quickness. Joe, you saw his quick hands, he had five steals. We’re not real big when we go with those three guards, so we really need to use our quickness and pound the boards.”

Joseph Young, G, RJr.
On being cleared for the season…
“I want to thank God for helping me to be eligible to play. I was very happy to find out I was cleared. The coaching staff and compliance worked very hard to get me out there.”

On the game…
“Tonight was a game to see where we’re at. We’ve got a lot ahead of us. It all starts with work in the practice gym.”

On preparing for the regular season…
“We’ve been working hard since the first day of practice. I’ve seen a lot of good things and things that can get better. We need to communicate better on defense, but if we stay like a family we’ll be pretty good.”

“There’s a lot of potential and we’re all athletic. We’ve been trying to pick up the intensity on defense. Defense wins games and offense comes second.”

Johnathan Loyd, G, Sr.
On preparing for the regular season…\
“Once we come together, I think we’ll be better than last year. We have lots of solid athletes from top to bottom. Our presses will be effective and our transition offense is improving. Coach will figure out the best game plan for us and we’ll just go play ball.”

On the Ducks’ performance…
“We played hard. Coach asked us to play hard for 40 minutes and I think we did that. We made some mistakes, but it went well.”

Head coach Luke Jackson

 On his reaction to the game…
“The good thing about that game is at the end of the day we’re still 0-0. I think you can learn a lot more from your losses than you ever will your wins. I think there are a lot of positives we can take out of that. That Oregon team will hold a lot of Pac-12 teams to less than we scored tonight. They have a really talented group and the future is really bright for Oregon basketball. We played our hearts out.”

On what it was like coaching his first game…
“It was frustrating, I guess. Obviously, that (Oregon) is a big time Division I school and they have a lot of talent. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Coach Altman. The times that we took care of the ball and ran our offense, and they didn’t take us out of it, I was pleased.”

On coaching against Oregon…
“I have so much love for Eugene and the University of Oregon. It’s always going to hold a special place in my heart. I’m just getting my feet wet as a coach and still am learning every single day. I recognize almost everyone in the stands and all the people that still work here. So, it was fun and it was a good experience for me. Being home and coaching against the Ducks was a really neat thing and I’m really appreciative to the U of O for having us in.”

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