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Soccer Destination: Costa Rica!
Release Date: 03/27/2012
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Team Photo Diary

Day 8 Redshirt Sophomore Casey Wilhelm

Travel Day back to Eugene!

It was an early morning! Everyone was up and at the bus ready to head home at around 4:50 a.m. The Barceló hotel had boxed breakfasts waiting for us that some ate while we packed all of the luggage on the bus. Most everyone passed out on the quick ride to the airport. Once we got there we unloaded and said goodbye to Pia and Johnny who had taken care of us all week!

The airport was surprisingly full as we tried to get everyone in line and all the bags checked. It was pretty funny watching all the overweight bags going up on the scales while some girls on the team tried frantically to rearrange things. Once everything was situated, we made it through security with enough time to grab a coffee and some water. Me and Scout had to chug ours before we could board the plane because no liquids bought in the boarding area were allowed on board.

Once we were in the air everyone was asleep or reading, mostly asleep. I finished two books (neither of them were for school yay!) on the way there and back. The eight hour trip was long, but thankfully it went by quickly and smoothly. We landed in Phoenix and some of the girls got to say hello to friends and boyfriends in the area and then we were through customs and off again! We landed in Portland in about 2 and a half hours and still had a 2 hour bus ride home. Since we had the weekend off a lot of the girls from the Portland area stayed behind to visit family. About 10 of us rode the bus home and finally made it back around 7:30 Friday night.

Although we were exhausted, the trip was more than we imagined. After all how many times do you get to travel to Costa Rica with 20 of your best friends! It was the experience of a lifetime. I fell in love with the culture, people, food, and soccer in Costa Rica and can't wait to go back!

- Casey 


Day 7 Freshman Ally Aschbacher

We began our day with an early morning breakfast, spending our last moments in the rainforest. It was sunny and humid; unlike the rainy weather we had experienced the day prior. We loaded the bus and headed for San Jose to play our final game against Saprissa. Along the four-hour bus drive, we made two stops. Our first was at a bridge, not too far from our hotel. We were surprised at what we found once we exited the bus. Iguanas filled the trees surrounding the bridge, however, their numbers were not what intrigued us, but yet their size. Some iguanas were four feet long, head to tail! After, many pictures we loaded the bus, and set out for San Jose along a narrow and winding road.

Approaching San Jose, we made our second stop at Wal Mart, where we bought Costa Rican treats to bring back for others and ourselves. Once we were finished at Wal Mart, we drove 20 minutes to our hotel, where we would spend our last night in Costa Rica. Upon our arrival, we checked in immediately and ate a quick lunch, in order to make it to our game on time. After eating, we departed for the historical Saprissa Stadium. Once we reached our destination, we walked into the locker room, passing a wall of historical events that took place within the stadium that went back to the early 1900s. After warming up, our match began. The first half passed by with no points from either team, but there were close opportunities. The second half was when the game lit up. We scored about five minutes into the second half with a goal from Bri. This was the first spark of the fire. As the half continued, each team fought progressively harder. Almost all of the calls made by the ref were given to the opposing team and finally allowed Saprissa a penalty kick, in which they earned their first goal to tie the game. The referee continued to give so many free kicks to Saprissa it was almost comical. The game ended with a frustrating 1-1 tie.

After meeting and shaking hands with the other team, we cleaned up and departed for a local market. The market was a large tent that spanned across about two football fields with one long aisle and small cubbies off to each side of it, where locals sold items comparable to what you would find at a Saturday Market. The merchandise was fantastic, but the actual experience was even better. Being confronted by merchants, asking for you to explore their cubby if you slowed your pace down the long aisle. Also, not everyone spoke English. Trying to communicate with them was a challenge for some of us, having little to no Spanish under our belts. At the market, we were able to experience a piece of Costa Rica we hadn't seen yet, and what someone's life who lives in the city might be comparable to. After about 45 minutes, we loaded the bus and set back to our hotel for dinner. After our meal, we watched a slide show of pictures form our trip and had a small closing ceremony and expressed our thanks to our tour guide and friend, Pia, along with all others that helped throughout our time there. Once it concluded, we returned to our rooms and spent our last night in Costa Rica.




Day 6 Freshman Kiyomi Cook

Today we had to wake up at 7:00am to load the buses and eat breakfast so that we could head back to San José for our last game and last night in Costa Rica. Along the way we stopped to see some iguanas and check out the exclusive Walmart. Then we got to the hotel, ate lunch, put our bags in the room and headed off to the field.

The saprissa field had a lot of character to it and as soon as you walked into the stadium you could feel the historical atmosphere that embodied it. Thankfully the clouds and wind helped keep the dreaded 2:30 temperature down so it wasn't as hot as expected. We expected the refs to favor the home team, but not to hand them the game on a silver platter. The first half remained 0-0, with our team getting multiple looks on goal while the other team might have had one due to "fouls" called against us by the referees. Not too long into the second half, a ball over their defense sent Bri flying through to get our only goal. From that point on, the other teams flopping and referees judgment only seemed to get worse. Including the "handball" called in our box giving up a pk that out them back in the game after they put it away. We had many other chances to score but just couldn't put one away. Overall the game itself went well and we grew a lot as a team.

Dinner was bitter sweet because we got to reminisce about the time we got to spend here, but also were sad that it was coming to an end. Thank you speeches, farewells, awards, and gifts were exchanged as we saw our trip slowing closing.

- Kiyomi


Day 5 Freshman Ryann Davie

Today the team went ziplining at the Sky Trek in the Costa Rican rainforest. It was raining when we got there,, but we're all used to that. After checking in, everyone got geared up in full ziplining garb: helmet, harness, pulley and all. There were seven lines in all. We started with two quick and easy practice lines to help us learn the right form. The next four were where the excitement happened. The next four lines ranged from 55 mph!

Riding these lines was quite an adventure. While riding each line, we were able to see the beautiful scenery of the rainforest. There was a mixture of emotions from participants; some of the team was excited, others were scared, one cried and even got stuck! But overall it was a once and lifetime opportunity and a great experience.

After zip lining, we headed straight for the hotel to get ready for our game. We played a team from San Carlos. They welcomed us with an open ceremony with the National Anthem of the United States and Costa Rica. One of the players translated for her coach as he welcomed us to Costa Rica. It was fun to play and playing with the Costa Ricans showed us the true love and heart they have for the game of soccer. It's amazing to see how far the team has come with the little support women's soccer receives in Costa Rica today. We appreciated the competition and hospitality. After the game, the team had fruit waiting for us: pineapple, watermelon, mangoes and cantaloupe. It put the United States fruit to shame. Most of the team enjoyed talking a mix of Spanish and English with the other players and coaches. The girls' spirit and spunk left an imprint in our hearts. Costa Rica is indeed the happiest country in the world.

- Ryann



Day 4 Freshman Kelsey Foo

Today, a few of us started off the morning before the sun was even up. We woke up at 4:30, excited to catch the sun rise over the mountains while we waited on the beach. To our disappointment, the sun was unfortunately blocked by the large mountains and the trees so we didn't get to capture that perfect picture. However, being up that early gave us the chance to see many bright and colorful parrots fighting for fruit early in the morning.

We then headed off to enjoy yet another amazing breakfast.  French toast, rice and beans, eggs, and ohh the fresh fruit! The food here is incredible, all freshly prepared and always ripe and juicy.  I really don't know how us freshman are going to be able to bear the dorm food when we get back.. 

Afterwards, we headed off to a smaller beach where we got our tans on as usual. Everyone was trying to soak up as much sun as possible and lathering on plenty of tanning oil. We really have to take advantage of the sun--don't see much of it in Eugene. 

We finally packed up our bags, enjoyed one more delicious lunch, and then headed off to the rain forest! It was a long and windy four hour drive on the bus and we got to stop at a small souvenir shop along the way. But we finally reached our destination of the day: the hot springs!! And wow these hot springs were absolutely amazing! The water was extremely hot, fresh, and the further we headed up the trails the more springs we found. Water falls of steaming water were splashing off the rocks and it was a great way for us to relax an enjoy ourselves, yes we're actually given time to relax away from soccer. Our tour guide Pia showed us the way to the top, where there were tile beds in the hot springs--we could've laid there for the rest of the trip. After two hours of bathing in the warm waters and enjoying the incredible view of the volcano, we hiked to the top to enjoy dinner. There was beef, rice, beans, pasta, fried fish, and much more. We stuffed ourselves and then headed back onto the bus to drive off to our new hotel. We have the zip lining adventure to look forward to tomorrow, and then we have our next game at 6pm. Can't wait to fly through the rainforest tomorrow and pick up our game and come out with a win! 

These days are going by way too fast, but we're all enjoying every moment of it! That's all for now!

Go Ducks!! 


Day 3 (Junior Mo Fitzgerald)

Hola chicos,
La vacacion en costa rica es muy divertida paranos!

Today we had training in the AM at a small turf field near by. Worked on some transitioning and played a little 5 v 5 at the end of practice. IT.IS.HOT. No amount of deodorant can match this perspiration... Their biggest import here must be deodorant... After training we had un poquito almuerzo, the food here is bombbbbbbbb. I think I have had rice and beans with every single meal, and I have enjoyed every bite of it. We went to la playa blanca after lunch and road some waves (aka, got dominated by some waves). I'm pretty positive every person on our team has either read or was reading Hunger Games on the beach today.. I am one of those followers and let's just say there is a reason so many people are reading it. When we were going back to the hotel from the beach, the bus was too full so about 8 of us and Pia, our awesome guide, scaled some rocks along the beach to get back while Mac, Paul and Parker hitched a ride on the back of a truck (cool guys).. Too bad our man vs wild adventure today was the best part of the trip. Poor Kelsey donated a flip flop to the Pacific Ocean, shes a huge philanthropist... Anywho were about to go to la DISCOTECA that Pia hooked up for us so you will get the update tomorrow!! Buenas Noches Patos!!

- Mo


Day 2 (Junior Scout Libke)

Welp.. today we woke up in Costa Rica and it was almost like a dream to me and my roommates because we could not believe we were actual in Costa Rica. But we did so that's behind us now.

Upon waking up to the fantastic sunshine on my face, we packed our things, ate a delicious breakfast where they had muffins that tasted like cake (I ate 4.. duh) and drove to our first game! Unfortunately, no details required, we lost 2-0 and we moved on.

Next thing on our agenda? Looking over a bridge at giant crocodiles that were part of a National Geographic spread. So we're famous by association because we both looked at these GIANT crocodiles. We waited 20 minutes for a fight but there was no fight so we continued on our journey to the beach.

Many hours passed accompanied by the movie "Music and Lyrics" that skipped every 1.26 seconds and we finally arrived at our second hotel right on the beach. We jumped in our suits and ran to the ocean, ready to get our burns/tans on. After a couple hours we went to our rooms, put down our stuff, and went to dinner that was divine. I think we all binged. Actually, I'm positive.

That's the jist of what happened our second day of action here in Costa Rica, minus some very uninteresting details like how the Costa Rican team scored their goals, the amount of bananas Mo eats in one day, and all the sensations my taste buds felt while eating ice cream and chocolate cake deliciousness.

--Scout Out

Day 1 (Freshman Bri Pugh)

430 in the morning... And we're off! To Costa Rica! The bus ride to Portland, well we all slept since the sun still wasn't up. Once we arrived at the airport we all started getting even more anxious to get out of the cold weather and into a tropical paradise! Our flight connected in Phoenix where we could start feeling the heat. A short layover led us onto the plane to San Jose, Costa Rica! Five hours of magazines, movies, Hunger Games, and gum later, we arrived in hot muggy Costa Rica! Since the sun had set already it was hard to believe that we were here, but dinner and a short stretching practice helped show that we were not in Oregon anymore. We all said goodnight ready to wake up in paradise.

- Bri

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