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Sports Psychology & Counseling
Release Date: 12/19/2003
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Sports counseling has proven to be a valuable resource for the student-athletes during the last eight years. Karen Nelson, the director of student services, helps athletes work through personal problems and situations that may affect their performance in the classroom and on the field.

An important part of the counseling is working with first-year athletes, taking advantage of the critical skills-building period to help student-athletes reach their potential physically, mentally and emotionally.

Meetings with new players are held individually or in groups. Individual meetings allow for a more comfortable discussion of specific difficulties. Group sessions are used to teach relaxation and visualization skills and confidence-building techniques.

Studies have shown 70-90 percent of an athlete’s success can be attributed to the mental part of the game after the physical skills have been mastered.

Counseling teaches student-athletes to cope with stress of competition, overcome setbacks and mistakes, develop confidence, achieve and maintain peak performance levels, set goals, deal with injury and develop winning mental skills.

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