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Academic Support Program
Release Date: 12/19/2003
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The athletics department addresses the primary objective of its student-athletes with the work of its academic support staff.

The academic support team acts as a bridge between the student-athlete and campus resources, ensuring that they are aware of and use the resources the university has to offer.


The function of the support team is to:

Advise and assist student-athletes with academic, pre-professional and career problems

Organize and monitor a structured study hall. All first-year students are required to attend study sessions four nights each week

Trace academic progress using information on attendance and performance submitted in mid-term grade reports by faculty

Provide individual and group tutoring and other study sessions among students with similar needs, assuring questions are answered properly

Assist with resumes and sharpening job interview skills

Encourage students to approach its members with problems and questions.


In addition to the academic support staff, the UO provides a variety of other resources that give students the personal attention needed, both inside and outside the classroom. Below are several programs that faculty and staff have developed to help new students succeed.

The Office of Student Development coordinates the summer program that allows incoming students to register early for fall classes in a structured setting with advisers to help with the process. IntroDUCKtion even has a special full-day program for parents. It is designed to give the student an opportunity to obtain academic counseling at a time when advisers have more time for personal conferences. In addition, students can address their specific needs during that visit and also can become acquainted with the many services and features of the campus.


The Office of Student Affairs also operates New Student Orientation, on-campus internships, parents’ programs and honors and awards.


Freshman Seminars courses offer new students an opportunity to learn in a personalized setting, to be challenged intellectually, to express their ideas freely, and to become better acquainted with faculty members and classmates. Only freshmen and first-term undergraduate transfer students can enroll in these seminars. Classes are limited to 20 students.


Freshman Interest Groups are designed to allow incoming students complete university education requirements while focusing on an area of interest or possible major. Students in each group share enrollment in three related courses. One of these classes will have a small enrollment to give a better opportunity to meet other students in the group. An experienced student serves as group leader and coordinates ongoing activities, such as study sessions and social events.


The athletics department works closely with the academic advising office to face the challenges of college. Tasks such as choosing a major, planning course schedules and solving personal and academic problems are among those in which students can obtain assistance.Students also can seek details on the National Student Exchange Program, which offers study opportunities at 174 institutions throughout the United States.


The Center for Academic Learning Services has something to offer all students interested in improving their skills. Individual assistance is available in developing effective strategies for time and task management, textbook reading and note taking. The center also offers small classes in speed reading and preparing for graduate school admission tests such as the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).


Academic and other support services provided by the Office of Multicultural Affairs include orientation, cultural activities and other types of activities annually for current and prospective students and faculty. Among its other special services are a mentor program that pairs students with faculty members, special composition and mathematics courses and tutors in a number of areas.


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