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NCAA West Regional Quotes
Release Date: 11/13/2010
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Alex Kosinski, Oregon Women, Third Place

On the course:
There were a few spots where it was pretty muddy during the race, but other than that the course was pretty nice.

On the race strategy:
We went out really hard to get out in front and then put on the brakes. I like to go out in front but I was told not to go for the lead at the beginning. I was sitting there thinking someone please take it. We are really good closers at the end of races, we show that on the track so our runners were able to close hard at the end.

On the race:
I didn't feel there was every any separation. At the end I think some people stepped up and maybe a few others dropped off. With 500 meters to go, I felt a real pace change and started my kick.

On the finish:
Happy to get second place and qualify for nationals. We're excited to get to nationals.

Team scores:
We were happy to make it to nationals but wanted to get the win.

On rivalry with Washington:
We want to beat whoever is out there, so they happened to be there with us today. Our goal is always to win, so I guess everyone is our rival.

On the close standings:
It just shows how close things are in the Pac-10. Whoever is on that day can go out in front at any time. Depending on whose day it is, anyone can finish out front.

On the recovery from Pac-10
We didn't close well at the end of the Pac-10 meet and we worked over the last two weeks on that. Now the coaches can look at this race and give us more feedback, which will hopefully help us run even better at nationals.

On the talented field:
Pac-10 went out pretty slowly, I like to go out from the gun and take the pace, but I was told not to do that today. I'm always the person pushing the pace in practice and tried not to today. I wanted to be on someone's shoulder and stay out front.

Jordan Hasay, Oregon Women, 1st place

On race:
"It was a great day. We wanted the win, but we got the automatic qualifier. I am happy for the win and I am really excited for the national meet."

On personal performance:
"It was just about relaxing and finishing. I wanted to come back and win again and then hopefully be a contender there (Nationals).
"Coach said to stay relaxed through 4k and the last 1k to go hard. I was confident enough in my finish. I felt awesome and I am getting ready to go for track season."

"This is the most fit I have felt in training and racing. I plan to put myself in contention for the finals. I tried to duplicate today from my win at Pac-10s. I was nervous from winning the Pac-10s and being the favorite today, but I got through it."

On course conditions:
"It was a bit muddy, and tomorrow I will probably feel it in my calves, but being from here we are probably more use to it."

On four point difference between 1st place University of Washington and 2nd place University of Oregon:
"It is tough. We really wanted the win. We said we were going to win at Regionals, but I give credit to (UW). They have been building momentum. At NCAA's we will be fighting for every point."

On preparing for Nationals:
"The take home is to beat everyone who is not Oregon. Coach Lananna is great at peaking athletes. But anything can happen; it can be anyone's day."

Luke Puskedra, Oregon Men, 4th place

On close race:
"We had a good race as a team. All the top guys were there and that was exciting."

On course:
"I am glad I have been doing my squats. The course was dipping a lot and there were a few tough turns."

On when front four broke away:
"With one mile to go Michael Coe of California, led the push and that distanced us from the rest of the pack. It was a fun time and with 1K to go, it was who was gong take it."

On Nationals:
"We had better results for the team this year than last year. It is exciting and we are going into Nationals on a good note."

"Today was the best finish for me at Regionals. Our thought today was let's move toward next week, but let's not look past Regionals."

Trevor Dunbar, Portland Men, 1st place

On the win:
It wasn't that big of a win, I'm not jumping up and down over it. It's great winning a college race, but the real race is next week at nationals. I know a lot of people were running easy, but it's fun to win.

On the last 100 meters:
I didn't really know how the team was doing so I figured every point was going to be important, so I just sprinted in at the end. The race felt kind of slow until the last lap. I just tried to give it a shot getting up front and it worked out well.

On the tight race up front:
I was smart to go towards the front of the pack so I didn't have people jostling me around. I wasn't trying to push the pace, everyone was kind of saving their kick.

On nationals:
I felt top 30 last week, but it's tough to say. It's the first time you go against the entire country all year. I'm hoping for top-15 or top 20. The worse the weather, the better it is for me I feel.

Vin Lananna, University of Oregon Associate Athletic Director

On Oregon Men's performance today:
"We try to win every time we go out. I hope everyone came off healthy."
"All guys came along; all seven guys did a good job. They have been preparing all year and it is a rebuilding year for us. It's Always good to go into the NCAA's with a win."

On Oregon women:
"It was a challenge for us running with mostly 800m runners. We do feel pretty good going into Nationals. Jordan Hasay looked good, and Alex Kosinski had a good race. We may make a change for Regionals, but we do not know yet."
"Jenny and Andy (assistant coaches) did a fabulous job; they do so much work for the team."

On win and going into Nationals:
"In the end it's a qualifying meet, but I don't know how to coach that way. Win or don't win, we try to be on the front end.

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