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Oregon Twilight Quotes
Release Date: 05/03/2013
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Head Coach Robert Johnson
On the meet as a whole
“This is one of my favorite events with the kids' half lap, the middle school mile, and the last races for the seniors. I have to admit I got a little emotional when they were listing off all of the girls’ accomplishments.”

On areas for improvement
“We got what we wanted to out of this meet. I still want to work on the girls’ 4x1 go marks. Other than that, it felt good.”

Women’s Hammer Throw
1st  Place-Britney Henry (ASTF)
On her performance… 
“If I’m not PRing, it’s not a great day. That’s the rule in track and field.”

On returning to Hayward Field… 
“As the years have progressed, it’s awesome to come back to Eugene. The crowd still knows me and it’s nice to escape San Diego for a little bit.”

On the rest of the season… 
“The lion has been released, it just hasn’t pounced yet. I opened up pretty well at the Mt. Sac relays and just have to continue my training.”

Men’s Javelin Throw
2nd Place-Cyrus Hostetler (OTC)
On 2nd place finish…
“I was just struggling out there. I’m still trying to put the dots together. I’m alright, a little further down the line I’ll be hitting my marks.”

On participating at Hayward…
“There is always some Hayward Magic. I wish we threw later so that there would be a bigger crowd. It’s always special here, there is nothing like Hayward.”

On Sam Crouser
“It’s really exciting for him. It’s really great to see a teammate throwing well. He always finishes strong and has the PAC-12 championships coming up soon.”

Men’s Hammer Throw
1st Place-Greg Skipper (Oregon)
On his performance…
“My legs are coming back because we have been stepping up the training. My speed and technique is improving. I will need my legs to be 100 percent for the NCAAs.”

On goals…
“I’m going for anything that will get me in the top five at the NCAA championships.”

Men’s 110M Hurdles
1st Place- Johnathan Cabral (Oregon)
On his race… 
"It was kind of tough going into that race. There was an aggressive tailwind that made me hit my hurdles hard.”

On preparing for the PAC-12 Championships… 
“I’m feeling confident. I liked my time today and once I have competition around, I’ll be performing even better.”
“I come out and treat every race like it’s a championship.”

Women’s 3000M Steeplechase
1st Place- Bridget Franek (OTC)
On the race…
“It was harder that I thought it would be, it was a rude awakening for me. I thought I was in better shape.” 
“I was hoping to get the standard, I thought that was a reasonable goal today so I was a little disappointed.” 

On the conditions…
“It was really windy out there, I tried to ignore it, but it was definitely a factor.”

On what she needs to work on…
“Listening to my body and just knowing where my rhythm is. I think I was kind of inconsistent on my lap times.”

Women’s Discus
1st Place- Liz Podominick (Mac Wilkins Throwers)
On training… 
"I’m still working on a lot of things. I’m in the process of trying to translate training into meets.”

“I’m still training through meets and trying to make the world team later this season.”

On plans for the future… 
“I still have a lot to learn in the discus. After getting fifth in the Olympic Trials, I needed to make changes. I joined up with Mac to get to the next level.”

“I’m going to be competing at a thrower’s meet at the University of Arizona next.”

Men’s 3000m Steeplechase
1st Place-Jared Bassett (University of Portland)
On spread-out race…
“My coach just told me to make it a workout because the wind was so bad. Coming down the back stretch it really kicked-up. It was a good racing experience considering it was only my second steeple of the year. It is always fun to race here at Hayward.”

On time…
“It was a fun race. Always a great race when you can get the regional qualifying mark out of the way. Plus, it’s always fun to do a victory lap here at Hayward.”

Men’s Pole Vault
1st Place-Matt Hidalgo (Oregon)
On jumping well…
“It felt amazing. It’s always fun to jump well.”

On injury…
“I have a stress reaction in my fibula. Injuries are injuries, it’s not where you come from but where you go.”

On PAC-12 Championship Goals
“In all honesty, I just want to have fun and jump. I’m going there with no real expectations other than have a good time.”

Women’s 4x100m 
1st Place-English Gardener (Oregon)
On reason for running...
“We only ran today, because we needed to work on exchanges. We finally cleaned up one of our hand-offs, now we just have one to work on.”

“The timing is our biggest problem. As soon as we get that fixed, we’ll be solid.”

Men’s 4x100m 
1st Place-Dior Mathis (Oregon)
On returning from football training… 
“I feel good because spring football is over. My legs are finally back in track shape.”

“I’m glad I ran this today. I wanted to see how my legs would feel coming back from spring football practice.” 

“It takes the pressure off knowing I can just focus on track and school, now.” 

On the relay team’s performance… 
“This race was a definite confidence booster. We have the speed to compete against the best.”

Men’s Pole Vault
2nd Place-Austin Ouderkirk (Oregon)
On the conditions…
“The conditions were perfect-70 degrees, tail-wind, sunny. It was a dream. It is always amazing to jump here at Hayward. There is definitely some Hayward magic. The fans were great, they know a lot.” 

On goals…
“Go bigger. Get higher. I plan on using the same pole.”

Men's Javelin
1st Place- Sam Crouser (Oregon)
On his throws...
"Pretty pleased with them, especially with this wind. Practice carried over to the meet, so I was really happy with that."
"I was working on the flight today and keeping it low in the wind. I was a lot more consistent today than I have been, so I was pretty happy with today."

On what he had been working on...
"This week in practice we were working on turning my wrist and keep the throw low and I thought I did that well today." 

On what's next...
"I still have some more work to do, but today was a step in the right direction for the Pac 12 Championships."

Women’s Javelin Throw
1st Place-Liz Brenner (Oregon)
On training…
“I’m getting into a better flow. I’ve been able to go to more practices and meets, which is good. I’m still using a short approach and probably will keep using it until next year. I’m just getting as many reps as possible.”

On competing…
“I’m glad I beat my High School PR. The more I do this event the better I’ll be. I am focused and excited I might get to score some points for the Ducks.”

Women’s Pole Vault
1st Place-Sammie Clark (Oregon)
On conditions…
“The conditions were perfect. Definitely the best all year. I didn’t want the scene to go away. The fans were great, too.” 

On her goals for the PAC-12 Championships
“I want to score. Last year, I scored one point and I’m hoping to contribute a little bit more this time around.” 

On season
“I definitely had a rough start because I no-heighted my first three meets but that only inspired me. I’m excited about the future.”

Men's 800 M
1st Place-Matthew Centrowitz (
Nike Oregon Project)
On his performance... 
"Anytime you get a win, it's a good race. I definitely competed well, but I'd like to come away with a stronger race."

On returning to Hayward Field... 
"Coming back where I used to run makes it that much more special. I think I took it for granted when I was going to school here."


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