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In 2006 the University of Oregon initiated an educational campaign designed to encourage spectators to exhibit exemplary behavior at all of the Ducks’ home football games.

The “Code of ConDUCKt” is a result of a four-month study within the university’s department of athletics that strives to promote good sportsmanship among fans in and around Autzen Stadium, and is jointly supported by the University and its Athletic Department. In addition to offering information, directions and reminders that favorable behavior enhances the game-day experience for everyone in attendance, the university has established a telephone number that allows fans to immediately contact security personnel to report unwanted behavior.

Spectators will be encouraged to text the ConDUCKt hotline at 222-9121 to report any violations of stadium guidelines to event staff. The text line will be active 90 minutes prior to kickoff of each home football game and until approximately 30 following its conclusion. Upon receiving calls, security will be dispatched to the locations of the disruptive behavior.

Also included in the campaign will be messages placed on the stadium’s DuckVision scoreboard, public address announcements and bullet points spread throughout Autzen Stadium in the form of web feet encouraging fans to display support and courtesies to those around them.

The Code of ConDUCKt requests fans to refrain from disruptive behavior, including foul language and obscene gestures; to sit only in their ticketed seats; to comply with requests from event staff; and to comply with the new no smoking policy.

The University of Oregon is committed to doing everything it can to help ensure that its sporting events are safe and enjoyable for all spectators. With the Code of ConDUCKt and related efforts in place, Autzen Stadium will continue to be a premier venue for college football.

Approximately 210 web feet placards will be placed on ramps entering and exiting the stadium as well as the mezzanine level outside the seating areas. Included among the messages are:

• Thanks for your good ConDUCKt
• Practice Good SportsDUCKship
• Ducks aren’t Boo-Birds
• Ramp Up the Fun
• Ramp Down the Fowl Behavior
• Take a Quack at Recycling
• Keep our Nest Clean

Spectators who refuse to abide by the behavior guidelines are subject to removal from the stadium, as well as the revocation of season tickets and/or the right to purchase single-game tickets to future University of Oregon events.