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A&T Wins 12 Event Championships; Lubert Wins MOP
Release Date: 04/25/2013
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HAMDEN, Conn.— The University of Oregon acrobatics and tumbling team began competition at the NCATA National Tournament in Hamden, Conn. Thursday afternoon. The event is hosted by Quinnipiac University and runs through Saturday, April 27th.

Thursday’s schedule of events included the event finals for Acro, Pyramid, Toss and Tumbling as well as the NCATA Banquet afterwards.

Oregon won two of the three Acro heats as it took the national championships in the 5-element and 6-element tosses. The 5-element was won by Tara Lubert, Sarah Moreno, Miranda Merkison and Lauren Loos, while Nicole Seybold, Kisa Chapman, Nicole Erlichman, Erika Schaefer and Brooke Gansemer took home the 6-element title. Fairmont State won the 7-element heat of the Acro round.

In the Pyramid round, Oregon won at least a share of the national title in all three heats as there were ties in Heats 2 and 3. Brianna Teitzel, Kelsea Carlson, Erlichman, Kyndel Fletcher, Sydnee Walton, Erin Block, Zakia Houston, Lindsay Hunt, Loos, Gansemer, Lubert and Seybold won Heat 1. Heat 2 featured the first-ever three-way tie as Julia Magdelino, Samantha Schulze, Merkison, Block, Loos, Gansemer, Seybold, Teitzel, Shelby Armstrong and Katzaroff tied Azusa Pacific and Quinnipiac for the championship. UO’s Gansemer, Moreno, Armstrong, Loos, Magdelino, Katzaroff, Schulze and Alexis McCallister tied Quinnipiac for the championship in Heat 3.

Next, the Ducks won all three heats to sweep the Toss round. Loos, Moreno, Teitzel, Hunt, Gansemer and Erlichman won Heat 1, while Kisa Chapman, Carlson, Teitzel, Moreno, Gansemer, Hunt, Loos, Lubert, Schaefer, Chandler White and Seybold took Heat 2. Carlson, Seybold, Lubert, Schaefer and Katzaroff won the championship for Heat 3.

The final round of the day was the Tumbling round, and Oregon continued its strong day, winning five of the six heats. Moreno and Katzaroff were victorious in the Duo Pass for the second year in a row, while Block, Lubert, Erlichman and Gansemer won the Quad Pass. Erlichman repeated as champion in the Six-Element Pass, and Katzaroff won the Open Pass.

At the conclusion of the event finals, the NCATA announced its 2013 All-Americans and award winners. Moreno, Lubert, Erlichman and Katzaroff were all named All-Americans, and Lubert took home the first-ever NCATA Most Outstanding Performer Award.

Oregon returns to the mat tomorrow at 7 p.m. ET as it takes on the winner of the play-in match between Baylor and Fairmont State. The National Championship meet will take place Saturday at 12 p.m. ET.



5-element: Tara Lubert, Sarah Moreno, Miranda Merkison, Lauren Loos.
6-element: Nicole Seybold, Kisa Chapman, Nicole Erlichman, Erika Schaefer, Brooke Gansemer.


Heat 1: Brianna Teitzel, Brooke Gansemer, Tara Lubert, Nicole Erlichman, Lauren Loos, Nicole Seybold, Kyndel Fletcher, Erin Block, Zakia Houston, Kelsea Carlson, Sydnee Walton, Lindsay Hunt.
Heat 2: Three-way tie: APU, QU, UO. Julia Magdelino, Samantha Schulze, Miranda Merkison, Erin Block, Lauren Loos, Brooke Gansemer, Nicole Seybold, Brianna Teitzel, Shelby Armstrong, Natasha Katzaroff.
Heat 3: Tie: QU and UO. Brooke Gansemer, Sarah Moreno, Shelby Armstrong, Lauren Loos, Julia Magdelino, Natasha Katzaroff, Samantha Schulze, Alexis McCallister.


Heat 1: Lauren Loos, Sarah Moreno, Brianna Teitzel, Lindsay Hunt, Brooke Gansemer, Nicole Erlichman.
Heat 2: Kisa Chapman, Kelsea Carlson, Brianna Teitzel, Sarah Moreno, Brooke Gansemer, Lindsay Hunt, Lauren Loos, Tara Lubert, Erika Schaefer, Chandler White, Nicole Seybold.
Heat 3: Kelsea Carlson, Nicole Seybold, Tara Lubert, Erika Schaefer, Natasha Katzaroff.


Duo: Natasha Katzaroff, Sarah Moreno.
Quad: Erin Block, Tara Lubert, Nicole Erlichman, Brooke Gansemer.
Six-element Pass: Nicole Erlichman
Open Pass: Natasha Katzaroff

Most Outstanding Performer Award: Tara Lubert

All-Americans: Sarah Moreno, Tara Lubert, Nicole Erlichman, Natasha Katzaroff

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