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Team Blog: Halloween
Release Date: 11/16/2009
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Duck fans!

This is Siobhan Cavan aka Kiwi reporting for blog duty, letting you know what the Ducks have been up to since we got back from the Stanford Regional tournament.   Driving home for nine hours from California on Sunday night was definitely a good start to Week 5, resulting in temporary loss of insanity on my behalf due to 15 pages of homework due and five singing car-mates - trust me, they sang the entire nine hours.  It went something like, Julia freaking out about homework, Molly head-banging in the back seat, Pavlina singing amazingly!, and Maja finding out exactly what and when Twilight was.  Knowledge is power!!! School on Monday was rough, as due to midterms, tiredness and the oncoming winter, we had a sickly team last week.  Finding a balance between training hard and getting healthy was a big focus, but we all came to the end of the week improved and feeling a lot better.   We started the weekend off with a mini-dual against ourselves, and showed the coaches just how feisty we can be with some great tennis and excited team atmosphere.  Energy was VERY important last weekend, due to the DUCKS vs. USC 'Lights Out' game on Saturday night.  Crowds of nearly 60,000 people filled the stadium and we screamed our hearts out for the team, resulting in a win - much support provided from women's tennis and our big lungs (some of whom were well prepared for this event by singing Disney soundtracks all day, every day, as loud as we can- I won't name names, Ohio and Canada!!!!).  After the game we celebrated Halloween with each other and the men's team (dressed up as things such as leprechauns, sailors and hippies - I was a zombie with a bottle of fake blood and wounds I applaud myself 10/10 for looking creepy and dead). Halloween was described by many as the best Saturday night of their lives.  This week we started with some great tennis, and again, team energy was through the roof (we never seem to run outta that stuff!!!).  As the week goes on - and some of us grudgingly finish our midterms, we look forwards to some hard training before heading off to ALBURQURQUE, New Mexico, for some KILLER tennis, dinner with Molly's family and Duck domination!!

Go Ducks!!!

Over and out,


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