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Air Force Trip Recap - Senior Siobhan Cavan and Sophomore Julia Metzger
Friday, Oct. 8, 2010 - 9:00 a.m.

Dear Duck Fans!

Siobhan and Julia reporting for duty from seats 13A and 13B on our flight home from the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  Thursday morning started early for us (3:30 a.m. guarantees some yawns) as we left for our first tournament in the 2010 season – super-excited despite some of us not being “morning people” (fine, guys, I’ll say it loud and clear: Hi, I’m Siobhan and I hate the morning). 

Our reputation as the first team to arrive at the courts every morning was not ruined as some early wake-up calls and lovely breakfasts in Paul’s hotel room set us up each day.  The energy was great, our new warm up/ladder routine (props to Coach Favor) was brilliant, and as we played each day we made sure that everyone (including the Air Force cadets that walked by every day) knew that the Ducks were in town.

A lot of matches were played and everybody gave their all in both singles and doubles, making sure that we were supporting all our
team members when we weren’t on the courts ourselves. Ducks never fly alone!

Shout out to Patze and Pav, who won the flight one doubles draw and to others who did well on a personal level – making sure we learn from our experiences and apply these lessons in practice and when we travel in two weeks. Some of us had already experienced playing at 7,000 feet above sea level, while others struggled a little with the differences that came with it. Nevertheless, we are now more prepared for our upcoming matches in the altitude and pushed through, despite some personal requests for a team oxygen tank courtside.

Normally time crunches get in the way of other team activities, but thanks to the schedule and the warm hearts of our fabulous coaches (may the tennis gods shine down on you) we were able to attend the Air Force vs. Navy boxing match and football game (check out the Oregon Women’s Tennis facebook page for some pictures).  This fabulous day was completed with the Oregon annihilation of Stanford on the football field, which we all watched together – the suspense regularly broken with yelling, cheering, high-fiving and running around Paul’s hotel room. Paul sure loves his football! 

Not to ruin any traditions, the flight home was kicked off with the classic “sprint to the gate” (repeat from last year) when the security line reached from here to Timbuktu and we had to run the entire length of Denver Airport to get onboard in time.  Never fear! The Ducks run six and seven minute miles so despite some heavy breathing and beads of sweat rolling down temples, all of the Ducks boarded the plane (much to the dismay of the dainty-nosed passengers around us).

Sadness towards the first tournament of 2010 being over was outweighed by the excitement about being back in Oregon, breathing easy again and putting in some serious hours on the courts in preparation for ITA Regionals at Stanford in two weeks. Bring it on! 

Go Ducks!
Julia and Siobhan