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System Requirements:

This site requires Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Apple Safari 4.0, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or 8.0. Using older browsers, non-compatible browsers or disabling browser features, such as Javascript, cookies and SSL, will reduce site functionality.  Using iPads or smartphones will also reduce the functionality of purchasing tickets, for best results always use a computer browser. All students should test their student accounts prior to their distribution times.

CLICK HERE to read student ticket information

Student Season Tickets     BACK TO TOP

For the 2015 Football Season, UO students will be able to purchase a Student Season Ticket. The season ticket cost is currently $367, and all 7 home games will be embedded into your UO Student ID card. Students with a Student Season Ticket will not need to claim a ticket through the lottery process on a game-by-game basis, though you will still get your UO ID scanned at the student entrance at Autzen before each game.

UO Student Season Tickets will go onsale, ONLINE ONLY, on August 16th at 6pm. There is a limit of 1,000 season tickets and they will be sold to currently enrolled UO Students on a first-come first-serve basis. Student Season Tickets are only available for UO Students.

The student No Show Penalty DOES NOT apply to games not attended by students who purchase a student season ticket or mini plan.

As an added benefit, student season ticket holders will have the first opportunity to purchase student ticket (s) for the football game at Oregon State and the Bowl game.

Student Season Tickets are non-returnable and non-transferable.

800 Pac-12 plans will be sold to students after season tickets sell out. The onsale date is currently TBA, with the mini plans costing $330.

If a student becomes ineligible to receive student tickets during the football season and has purchased a Student Season Ticket or Mini Plan, any remaining games will be refunded to the student.

Single Game Tickets     BACK TO TOP

University of Oregon student tickets for football and men's basketball games will be distributed via electronic ticketing. The system is structured on a "first come, first served" basis within each class; however tickets are weighted proportionality among the five classes. Students may log-in and request tickets on the Sunday prior to a home football or men's basketball game.

Breakdown of Class/Groups:

Credit Hours:

Class status' will be determined by an update received from the Registrar's office the Thursday prior to each distribution.

Unclaimed or Returned Tickets     BACK TO TOP

Any unclaimed or returned tickets will become available:

Football - 5pm on the Thursday prior to the home game

Men's Basketball - 9:00 AM on game day or the Friday before the game for weekend games

All tickets turned back to the UO Ticket Office as well as any unclaimed tickets will be made available for any student to request. Tickets can be claimed by any student, regardless of credit hours, but must have paid the incidental fees. Students that claim the returned ticket are responsible for the game attendance or will be subject to penalty.

Process to Return Student Tickets     BACK TO TOP

Upon logging into your account with your student ID and password by clicking HERE, select MY ACCOUNT on the top menu bar then Ticket Forwarding / Ticket Return under 'Manage my Tickets'. Click the text 'Return', then select your student ticket and submit. Students have until noon the day before the Return Student Distribution to return their ticket.

Students are NOT able to transfer tickets between one another. All returned tickets go into the returned student ticket distribution allotment.

No Show Policy & Rewards Program     BACK TO TOP

Students that pick up a ticket but do not show up for the game will forfeit opportunities to attend future contests. After a student misses one home football game he or she receives tickets for, the student forfeits tickets to the next home game. After missing two football games, the student forfeits tickets for the rest of the season.

This penalty DOES NOT apply games not attended by students who purchase a student season ticket.

After a student misses two home men’s basketball games he or she receives tickets for, the student forfeits to the next home game. After missing three men’s basketball games, the student forfeits tickets for the rest of the season.

Online Ticket Process     BACK TO TOP

  • Students will be able to log onto to register their account and set-up a password.
    • Once an account has been registered, the student's 95# and password will be used to log-in.
  • On the first distribution day, students will log onto The student will need their account log-in to request student tickets.
  • Students that receive tickets will receive a confirmation email from the Athletic Department. The ticket will be added on the UO identification card.
  • Students enter Autzen Stadium or Matthew Knight Arena with their ID and receive a stamp on their arm which gains them entrance to their student section.
  • Students without their student ID will not be admitted into the event.

Student Spouse/Domestic Partner Program     BACK TO TOP

An eligible student with a spouse, domestic partner and/or child may apply at the ASUO Executive Office for certification of those relationships and issuance of a Spouse/Domestic Partner Certification Card (C-Card). A student with a C-Card may pick up an additional ticket for use by one of the individuals named on the C-Card. This C-Card ticket must be picked up at the Matthew Knight Arena Ticket Box Office or the Oregon Athletic Ticket Office the business day following an online distribution at 9am. Up to one (1) percent of the tickets available for an event may be issued to C-Card tickets on a non-exclusive basis. Students must get their C-Card tickets on a game-by-game basis. C-Card tickets can only be claimed by students who have claimed a student ticket during the distribution process or have purchased a student season ticket.

Student Ticket Eligibility     BACK TO TOP

To be eligible to claim a student ticket you have to either:

Be registered for a fall course that incurs the Mandatory Fees (so self-support courses don't count) OR be a new Fall 2012 Admitted Student (who may not have registered yet).

Student eligibility is loaded into the student ticket system the Thursday prior ticket-giveaway weekend. Students who register for fall classes AFTER the last upload will NOT be in the system in time to get tickets for that game.

CEP students aren't admitted students and won't register until Sept 26, so they will not be able to get tickets for the Nevada or Missouri State games.

Some additional notes:

1. Students who have a staff benefit rate code do not pay the incidental fee, so are ineligible.

2. A dual-enrolled student at LCC is eligible if they have been assessed the fee (DFEE).

If you have questions about the about the eligibility of students please contact:

EMU Suite 4
Main Line: (541) 346-3724

Football     BACK TO TOP

Oregon Football tickets are distributed on a game-by-game basis ONLINE ONLY to eligible students*. For games contested before the beginning of Fall term (Eastern Washington and Georgia State), 1,549 tickets are available (sections 7 & 8). For the Utah, Washington State, California, USC and Oregon State, 3,948 tickets are available (sections 4 through 8).

CLICK HERE for a seating chart.

Entry to FOOTBALL games is through the SOUTH GATE ONLY.  The student entrance is located at the east end of the South Gate.  This is the ONLY gate you may enter with your ID Card.  When entering the gate, you MUST get the designated student hand stamp on the inside of your wrist.  Your student ID and the hand stamp will be required for admittance to the designated student seating sections.  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your ID is scanned at the gate.

A diagram of Autzen Stadium showing the student sections is on the bottom of this page.

Listed below is the 2015 home schedule and the dates tickets are available to be picked up:

Game Date
Opponent Distribution
Date / Time
Returned Ticket
Distribution (5:00 PM)
Sep. 5 E. Washington 8/30/15

Graduate/Law - 6:00pm

Senior - 7:00pm

Junior - 8:00pm

Sophomore - 9:00pm

Freshman - 10:00pm

Thurs. - 9/3/15
Sep. 19 Georgia St.  9/13/15

Graduate/Law - 6:00pm

Senior - 7:00pm

Junior - 8:00pm

Sophomore - 9:00pm

Freshman - 10:00pm
Thurs. - 9/17/15
Sep. 26 Utah  9/20/15

Graduate/Law - 6:00pm

Senior - 7:00pm

Junior - 8:00pm

Sophomore - 9:00pm

Freshman - 10:00pm
Thurs. - 9/24/15
Oct. 10 Washington St.  10/4/15

Graduate/Law - 6:00pm

Senior - 7:00pm

Junior - 8:00pm

Sophomore - 9:00pm

Freshman - 10:00pm

Thurs. - 10/8/15

Nov. 7 California  11/1/15

Graduate/Law - 6:00pm

Senior - 7:00pm

Junior - 8:00pm

Sophomore - 9:00pm

Freshman - 10:00pm

Thurs. - 11/5/15
Nov. 21 USC  11/15/15

Graduate/Law - 6:00pm

Senior - 7:00pm

Junior - 8:00pm

Sophomore - 9:00pm

Freshman - 10:00pm

Thurs.  - 11/19/15
Nov. 27 Oregon State  11/22/15

Graduate/Law - 6:00pm

Senior - 7:00pm

Junior - 8:00pm

Sophomore - 9:00pm

Freshman - 10:00pm
Wed. - 11/25/15

* If all 1000 season tickets are not sold, that number will be added to the single game distribution total.

Men's Basketball     BACK TO TOP

Oregon Men's Basketball tickets are generally distributed by home stand (usually two games at a time). For the majority of games, a total of 1,836 tickets per game are available for UO students. For games during winter break: UC Irvine, Long Beach State, and Western Oregon seating will be limited to sections 111A, 112A, 113A, 114A for a total of 458 tickets.

Student seating for games in Matthew Knight Arena will be located in sections 111A, 112A, 113A, 114A, 117, 118, 119, for a total of 1836 seats.

for a seating chart.

*Note: standing on seats is not allowed and may result in loss of student seating.

Distribution for Men’s Basketball will typically be done at 6:00 PM the Sunday before the home stand for all student classes, though certain dates and times may be adjusted to accommodate holiday and school schedules as well as conflicting events. Please refer to the below distribution dates and times for the 2015-2016 Men’s Basketball Season.

Game Date


Date / Time

Returned Ticket
Distribution (9:00 AM)

11/3 Northwest Christian 10/25/15 6:00 PM 11/3/15
11/8 Southern Oregon
10/25/15 6:00 PM 11/6/15
11/13 Jackson State 11/9/15 6:00 PM 11/13/15
11/16 Baylor
11/9/15 6:00 PM 11/16/15
11/20 Savannah State 11/16/15 6:00 PM 11/20/15
11/22 Valparaiso
11/16/15 6:00 PM 11/20/15
11/25 Arkansas State 11/16/15 6:00 PM 11/25/15
11/30 Fresno State
11/23/15 6:00 PM 11/30/15
12/15 UC Irvine 12/6/15 6:00 PM 12/15/15
12/18 Long Beach State
12/6/15 6:00 PM 12/18/15
12/29 Western Oregon
12/6/15 6:00 PM 12/29/15
1/6 California
1/3/16 6:00 PM 1/6/16
1/10 Stanford
1/3/16 6:00 PM 1/6/16
1/21 USC 1/17/16 6:00 PM 1/21/16
1/23 UCLA
1/17/16 6:00 PM 1/22/16
2/4 Colorado 1/31/16 6:00 PM 2/4/16
2/7 Utah 1/31/16 6:00 PM 2/5/16
2/20 Oregon State
2/14/16 6:00 PM 2/19/16
2/24 Washington State 2/21/16 6:00 PM 2/24/16
2/28 Washington 2/21/16 6:00 PM 2/26/16

Remaining Duck Sports     BACK TO TOP

To attend the Duck sports of women's basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, track and field, lacrosse, soccer and stunts & gymnastics a current UO student photo ID card is required for admission. Tickets are not needed for these sports. Just show your UO student photo ID at the gate for admittance. Admission is not charged for tennis, golf, and cross country, so ID is not required.

Usage & Policies     BACK TO TOP

Student tickets are non-transferable. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the loss of student ticket privileges.

UO photo ID cards and tickets used inappropriately will be confiscated by game management personnel. To recover an ID, students may contact the UO Office of Public Safety two working days following the game. Offenders will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

Conduct: Students are required to comply with all facility rules and conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.

Contraband: No alcoholic beverages or glass or metal containers are allowed. A complete list of contraband items is located at each gate/door of the facilities.

Umbrellas: Open umbrellas are prohibited in all seating areas, aisles and standing room only locations of all outdoors facilities. OAR 571-50-0011 (9)

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in McArthur Court and in all exterior seating and aisles of Autzen Stadium, Hayward Field and in posted locations in athletic facilities. OAR 571-50-0005 (10)

Questions     BACK TO TOP

Athletic Department Finance Committee of the ASUO - (541) 346-3749 or
Oregon Athletic Ticket Office - (541) 346-4461 or
TDD - (541) 346-5418

Accessible Seating Information

Requests for accommodations related to disabilities should be made to the Oregon Athletic Ticket Office. All requests must be made at least one (1) week prior to the event by calling (541) 346-4461, or emailing