About Papé Field

Completed in August 2012 as a gift to the University from Phil and Penny Knight, the Randy and Susie Papé Complex is one of the newest and most advanced facilities in the country.

The most noticeable new feature is the UBU M6 Turf field with the giant Oregon logo at centerfield. Not many collegiate programs feature turf playing surfaces, giving the Ducks a home-field advantage over opponents.

The facility sits adjacent to PK Park and Autzen Stadium and is utilized by both the women's soccer and women's lacrosse programs. Each team has their own locker room featuring individual maple lockers for each player and eight 55" flat screens.

The team meeting room used by both programs is outfitted with two 55" screens and one 55" SMART teaching board. Soccer and lacrosse coaches also have offices in the building and the two programs share a training room as well.

The stands provide outstanding sightlines for nearly 1,000 fans, including accessible seating and restroom facilities. Musco field lighting illuminates the field of play, while a custom Daktronics scoreboard with integral graphics sits opposite the stands.

The facility is themed by a comprehensive graphics package featuring sports specific images and University of Oregon themes. There is a full permanent concession stand as well as a permanent ticket window right next to the south-facing main entrance.

The soccer playing field's dimensions of 75 yards x 120 yards comfortably meet the NCAA standards for width (not larger than 80 yards or less than 65), and length (not more than 120 yards or less than 110). Papé field's dimensions also accommodate lacrosse nicely, as an area of 120 yards by 70 yards is desirable for lacrosse play. For lacrosse games, visual guidelines are placed along the edges of the field to aide in officiating.

Other field of play dimensions are as follows: goal area (20 x 6 yards), penalty kick line (12 yards), goal box (44 x18 yards), circle (10-yard radius), coach/team boxes (20 yards wide).