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Prohibited Items

Alcohol is not permitted in PK Park, except at the Hospitality Tent where it is legally dispensed.

Smoking will not be permitted in the seating, aisle, or covered areas of PK Park. Spectators can move to designated areas on the concourse if they wish to smoke.

Umbrellas will be allowed as long as they do not interfere with other patron's view. Glass or metal containers, vacuum bottles or other similar insulated containers (thermos-type containers), open plastic beverage containers (unless empty), weapons, fireworks, laser pointers, noise makers, explosives or munitions are not permitted inside P.K. Park. Patrons agree as a condition of the ticket license to allow inspection of any articles capable of concealing these prohibited items.

The throwing of frisbees, balls, or other such objects is not allowed inside P.K. Park, tunnel or ramp areas.


Ticket Sales and Will Call will open 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time and is located in the North Ticket Building at Autzen Stadium. The gates to get into the PK Park will open 60 minutes prior the scheduled start times. All tickets will be scanned for the 2011 season.

Start times are currently available for all home game, though they are subject to change. Please stay posted to start times by CLICKING HERE.

Tickets Sales and Will Call ticket operations will close at the end of the 5th inning. The park will not be open to fans that do not have tickets after that point.

Ticket Forwarding

Season ticket holders will be able to email any ticket(s) online for all 2011 home games. There is a $5 transaction fee per forward. You can find more information about Ticket Forwarding by CLICKING HERE.

No Season Ticket goes unused program

No Season Ticket goes unused program.

*Credit/Refunds will not be issued. Tickets purchased on a single game basis can't be exchanged. All tickets are subject to availability and not guaranteed.

Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Tickets

Beginning with the 2009-10 athletic season, there will now be a $10 per ticket charge for all duplicate requests, including Print-at-Home tickets. Original tickets will no longer need to be returned to our office and there will be no refunds issued. Duck Athletic Fund members will be permitted to receive two sets of duplicates without being charged (limit of 8 total tickets). We reserve the right to refuse this service to anyone that is found abusing this policy.

Rainout Policy

Fans should look for an announcement on or call the rain out number, 541-346-5010, to check if a game is postponed or canceled due to weather. There is a possibility that a rained out game on Friday could be made up before the Saturday game, or a Saturday game before a Sunday game.

In the event 5 innings of a game are not played, except when the Ducks are in the lead at the end of 4 1/2 innings, all tickets to the postponed game are good for the announced make-up game.

If attending the announced make-up game, the original ticket is used for entry to the park. No refunds will be given.

Season Tickets

If a game is canceled, season tickets holders will receive a credit for that game ticket(s).The credit can either be used for single game tickets, subject to availability, for the 2011 season, otherwise it will be applied to their 2012 baseball season tickets. No refunds will be given.

Single Game Tickets

ustomers that purchased single game tickets can exchange them for tickets to a future 2011 regular season game, subject to availability, barring exceptions. Please note that remaining credit from premium games exchanged for non-premium games will not be refunded. No refunds will be given.

Tickets can be exchanged in advance at the Oregon Athletic Ticket office at the Casanova Center, by mail or in person, or the day of the game at the North Ticket building at Autzen Stadium 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Entrances into PK Park

There are two public entrances into the Park, one by the North Ticket Building (on MLK Boulevard) and the other by the East Gate at Autzen Stadium. The entrance by the East gate will be the quickest way for fans to get to their seats if they park at Autzen.


Fans will be able to leave and re-enter PK Park, but they MUST get their hand stamped before leaving the park and return with their game ticket. If they do not get their hand stamped they will not be able to re-enter the facility.

Accessible Seats & ADA parking

There are reserved accessible seats located in both the chairback and bleacher sections at PK Park. Season ticket holders can exchange their seat(s) for accessible seats, though they can't upgrade from bleacher to chairback sections. If tickets are available to the general public to purchase before each game, there will also be accessible seats available for purchase.

ADA parking will be located in the Autzen parking lots in designated spaces near the east gate.

LTD Shuttles

There will not be a specific LTD shuttle during baseball games, though there is a regularly scheduled bus (13 Centennial) that has a stop in front of the North Ticket Building.

Concessions/Hospitality Tent

There will be two concession stands and various concession carts for the 2011 season. A stand will be located behind homeplate (section 7) along with concession carts around the concourse area. A hospitality tent, called Fowl Territory, will also be located near the South gate of PK Park serving food, soda, and beer. The tent is open to the public for each game, though beer is not allowed to leave the tent area. The sale of beer in the hospitality tent will end at the start of the bottom of the 7th inning.

All concession stands, not carts, will be able to take credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) as a payment for purchases.

Duck Store

A Duck Store tent will be located on the 3rd base concourse level for all home games. There will NOT be an ATM inside PK Park for the 2011 season.


There will be a Men's and Women's restroom on the concourse level of PK Park. In addition, portable toilet stations will be located on the ground level of the park.